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I arrived home promptly at 5:15. I waltzed through the door with a big toothy grin on my face. For once, it was actually real. "SHE LIVES!" Mr. Westberry joked, and everybody chuckled. I just flashed him a devious grin and took a seat next to Payton. We just ignored the adults in engaged in our own conversation, reminising on the past memories we had. Payton had been my friend for God only knows how long. We joked about 7th grade when we ran all around the school in our gym clothes while the oach ran after us and the time we played manhunt in her neighborhood but ran home screaming cause we heard a chainsaw go off. I remember everything I did with her so vividly. Everygood memory had her in it, like the fair EVERY single year. I still remember us as little 8 year olds running around and her trying to convince me to go on the ferris wheel. "Come on, it'll be fun!"

"No! It's too high!"

"You can do it! I promise!" Payton promised while sticking out her pinky finger. My being the silly child I was, went on. And indeed, it was too high for me. I flipped out when we got to the top. Suddenly Payton broke my train of thought.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She sighed.

"Tell you what?" I was truly puzzled.

"You're moving," Payton started, "are we suddenly not friends anymore? Why do I feel like you've changed. We're so distant now."

"Oh, I'm the one who changed" I thought, but what i really repplied was, "I dunno." Genious right? I was caught a bit off gaurd. Stuttering a bit I continued, "I just found out yesterday and I only told Ryan and w-well now you.."

"Lucky for you, I forgive you." She sarcastically shot back. All I could do was smile. What else could i do? I got up and gestured for her to follow and we snuck off to my room.

"This is crazy." she mummered.

"I know right"

"I remember all the fun times we had in this room. QUICK! Where would you hide if a murder came in RIGHT NOW!" 

We burst out laughing at our old childhood game we would play. It was actually really entertaining. You had to think of a way to get to hiding spot quick and not noisley. It had to by physically possible and you had to be able to stay in that position for 30 minutes. It was such a fun game we would always play. "Hmm, probably I would jump out the window because there is NO WHERE to hide!" I laughed.

"True, true." she chuckled, "Promise me something?"

"Anything." I agreed.

"Never forget me or replace me, you are my best friend and no matter how long we go without seeing each other it won't change. You made me who I am today and I feel like we are apart of each other. Seeing you go is heartbreaking." I could tell she meant it, the way her eyes teared up at the end. All i could do is bear hug her. 

"I never ever will" I mummbled. We stayed in our hug for at least a minute longer. Thoughts were zooming through my head, She cares? What happened to us? Why did I say yes? I dont want to move! I DON'T WANT TO GO. Suddenly, she broke from out hug.

Payton sniffled, "How are you going to tell everybody else?"

"Good question...." Within minutes Payton had sent out a text messesge to the girls at our lunch table "CAN YOU BELIEVE ALEXANDRA IS MOVING TO LONDON! OH MY GOD!" 

After that my phone was blowing up with texts from like 400 different people. They consisted from "Oh no, how could you leave us):' or 'Thank God you're finally leaving. One less bitch at our school.' Those hurt a bit. But whatever, it's not like I would be seeing them again anytime soon. Payton laughed a mischievous laugh and said, "We are so good! If anybody doesn't know you're moving by now, they live under a rock!" 

I guess it was safe to say. Alexandra Grace King was moving to London. Tomorrow morning.

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