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A.N.: I hope u like this chapter it doesn't have Lisabelle and Joe texts but them with their friends. I really appreciate all the positive reviews and alerts it gives me some much encouragement and starshine to keep on writing this fic.:) For a little clairfy Lisabelle is a STARKID but she is not the fan to wait up all night for a glimpse of them. She thinks they are talented and there is humor is very wicked! As always reviews make me smile and my hair glow! WAIT thats when i sing :)


Underline Lettering is Brandy Hawkins (Lisabelle BFF) Texts

Regular Lettering is Joe Walker Texts

Italic Lettering with ~ is Lauren Lopez Texts

and the one text with BOLD and Underline is BRIAN Holden

Friday 04/12/13


Lissy, girl stop glancing at ur phone! Who cares if crazy stalker man hasn't texted u. you should be thankful!


First off, u keep txting me so I have to look phone. And it just really odd that he hasn't txted for 5 days after he got my name.


U told him ur name! r u crazy?! He is probably hunting u down right now.




I am serious!


OMG someone is in my house!




Who is Lissy?

Bwhahahaah hahahah


You are AN IDIOT!


No you r just no fun!


:P I am fun just ask Colin!


Ewww TMI!


You asked for it!


Did not! –pouts-


Don't pout at me missy! You are sooo weird being sad about that creep not texting.


I am NOT sad just a wee bit disappointed. We had a lot in common and he was very funny.


Don't tell me you have a crush on the guy!


WHAT? No we are just buddies!




Amigos lol now I want Pizza. yum!


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