The A Team

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The wind blew cold on my barley unexposed body as I stand on the concrete corner awaiting another costumer to pull up and whisk me away.  I usually have jobs set up by my boss but I only work the corners for a little extra money. Little snowflakes began to fall and be carried away with the cold wind. I peered down the road seeing approaching headlights, in other words a potential costumer. As the headlights of the car came closer I made myself more exposed. The car pulled over and I walked carefully to it, leaning in the down window exposing my breasts slightly more.

"Well this is no place for an angel like you!" The man exclaimed.

"Well I wouldn't call myself an angel" I said biting my lip.

"And why is that?" He questioned.

"Why don't I show you?" I purred seductively. The man nodded and I slipped in his car to be whisk away and robbed of any innocence I have left.


I slipped on the previous outfit I was wearing, not bothering with the fishnet stockings. I stumbled around a bit in the darkness trying to find my heels but came across my costumers wallet. I took how much he owed for my services. Grabbing my heels I finally found I proceeded out the door into a hallway of a familair motel. Stepping out into the darkness on my way back to my apartment provided by my boss. I followed the way on the frequently walked streets to my home. After a ways of walking I finally reached my destanation. I pulled out a key from a small pocket in my bra and opened the door with it. I walked into the small apartment disgusted in myself, feeling numb. My answering machine was blinking a number '1' singnalling that I had a voice mail. I clicked play while stripping myself of these dreadful clothes. 

One new voice mail

"...Marilyn? Hello it's Maine, you talked to me about wanting to join the University next year? Well we are looking into your school records and we will be sending you some paper work to apply! Thank you so much. Good Day!"  

End of voicemail.

 Joining University may be just a waste of my time so the voice mail meant nothing to me. I called them at a moment of despiration. My boss assured me that leaving my line of work wouldn't end well. I turned on the radio and walked into the bathroom, turning the knobs to the correct tempature of water. Waiting a while for the water to heat up to where it wouldn't burn my skin, I placed myself under the hot running stream of water. I scrubbed my skin until it was red, washing away my previous deeds of the night. I washed my hair after then stepped out of the shower and continued out into my shivering bedroom air.

"This song is called "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran, a rising and talented star! Enjoy!" The radio man called out. I sat on my bed wearing a big Tshirt and my hair in a messy wet bun. Pulling out a pipe as I was about to light it up Ed sang out through the radio sining lyrics that tied in with me shockingly well. I laughed how ironic it was. I slid the pipe back under my bed, laughing no more. Hearing the song hurt me in ways I couldn't describe. I picked up my radio just as the sing was about to end and threw it to the other side of the room. My nights usually ended in me passing out, high or drunk but always disgusted in myself, never like this.


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It's my first fanfic!

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