I felt the warm heater coming through the vents and hitting me in the face. I could see the light flooding into my room from behind my closed eyes and I could smell my coconut shampoo, which made me assume my hair was in my face. I snuggled deeper into the cozy comforter and then heard Coco lightly snoring my my left. Wait? That's odd Coco's bed in my room is at my right? That makes no sense... Wait I'm not home! I'm in Switzerland! I shot up in bed and smiled widely.

"SKIING!" I shouted like a four year old.

I danced around in bed for a little bit and then jumped out and ran down the stairs to the boys' room. I jumped on the first bed I saw in sight and screamed.

"GET UP!!! WE'RE GOING SKIING!!" I said shaking the curly haired boy that was cuddled up to Louis.

"Kenna please love let me sleep" he said in a husky morning voice.

"No Haz! We're going skiing! Get up! Get up! Get up!" I cried and started to shake Louis.


"EW! And you and Louis are spooning?!" I screamed jumping away and falling on Liam's bed.

"I don't care" Louis smirked.

"Oh my God I might throw up" I said looking down at a now awake Liam.

"It's disgusting isn't it?" he chuckled.

"Yea," I said turning to Niall's peanut butter stained bed.

"But that's disgustinger" he said seeing where I was looking.

"Is that even a word?"

"SHUT UP!" Harry screamed sitting up.

"You poo!" I said throwing a pillow at his face.

"Niall! Breakfast!" I sang into his ear.

"IM UP!" he screwed sitting up.

"Good boy!" I said patting his head.

He smiled at me and then I made my way to Zayn's bed.

"Zayniee!!" I sang jumping on his bed.

"Kennaaaa" he sang back into his pillow.

"Zayn it's time to get up and go skiing!" I said straddling inbetween his body and clinging on to him like a little kid.

"I snowboard not ski" he chuckled.

"Well we could do that too!!" I said smiling.

"Alright I'm awake" he said turning over and meeting my eyes.

"Yay! Okay I'm gonna go get my ski outfit on and get ready and shit! I'll see you in a little bit!" I said getting up and running away.

"Did you get Zayn up?" Liam asked with a mouthful of cereal.

"Yea! Why? Is that bad?" I asked going up the stairs.

"No it's just no one has ever been able to wake him up! You have a gift" he nodded at me.

"Well go me!" I cheered. "Now can you three wake up Harry and Louis? I'm afraid they're going to have sex soon and it's still so gross that they sleep together" I shuttered as Niall and Zayn walked in looking very sleepy.

"Oh believe me, we think they have" Niall said with a gross look.

"Ew" I shuttered and went up the stairs.

I shut the blinds that gave me privacy from downstairs. I went through my suit case and found my leggings and under armour purple shirt I put on underneath my suit to keep warm and to keep the snow from getting down my back. I pulled on my thick neon argile ski socks so my toes stay toast and ran downstairs so I could brush my teeth, hair, all that stuff.

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