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Requested by ALovelyMistake I hope you enjoy and also I changed Niall's age just a bit, I hope that's okay!

Niall- 11 months

"Ni-Ni! You're supposed to be my wake up call, we might be late now," Harry rushed, strapping Niall in the baby pouch (is that what they're called?) before strapping the whole thing around his torso and shoulders. The curly haired man then rushed around to pack the nappy bag and his backpack before slinging them over his shoulder, putting the dirty bowls from breakfast in the sink, and then rushing out of the door. Luckily, it was spring, so Harry didn't need to worry about bundling both him and Niall; a sweatshirt and beanie would be perfect.

Only about a year and a half ago, Harry Styles became a father to little Niall Styles. After dating Julia Winters for a about year, the girl became pregnant. At first, the couple didn't know what to do; between their parents and college, plus their reputation, it was a recipe for disaster. However, the two decided to keep the baby because they just couldn't bring themselves to kill the child, because it wasn't his or her fault in the first place.
Sadly, when Niall James Styles was born, Julia told Harry that she just wasn't ready after a couple days of raising Niall together, so the baby was left in Harry's care.

After having a mental breakdown for a couple days, Harry decided he needed to figure this whole thing out. His best friend, Liam, had agreed to rent an apartment just off campus and split the rent. Harry decided to switch to online classes, though he still took a few classes offline and in a classroom. He talked to each professor about bringing a baby to class, and all four were fine with it. Besides, all of them weren't the type with lectures; just an assignment on the board, a short lesson, and then they would do the assignment on a laptop. Harry also had permission to walk outside of class at any time with Niall if the baby needed something or was causing a fuss.
The man was very grateful for everything he was able to do, even with a baby. He also had gotten a job which he could do with his laptop, that was able to support himself, Niall, and pay his share of the rent without too many issues.

Harry caught the Subway just in time, but when he got on it, all the seats were taken, so he had to stand up and hold on to the rail.
"Here, you can have my seat," an accented voice rang out from behind him. The curly haired man turned around, and saw a young looking lad, probably around his age, standing up from his seat and gesturing for Harry to sit down.
"Oh, no, you don't have to do that," Harry smiled politely.
"Please, take it. You have a baby, and he doesn't seem to be enjoying the ride either," the man chuckled. Harry looked down, and saw that Niall's face was scrunched up, meaning that the tears were going to come any second.
"Thank you so much," Harry smiled, sighing in relief when Niall seemed to be happy again when he sat down. "I feel like I've seen you around the NYU campus before," Harry stated curiously after a minute, but blushed when the man gave him a funny look. The beautiful piercing blue eyes and feathery brown hair looked all too familiar. "Sorry, that sounded weird," he smiled sheepishly.

"No, no. It's okay! I feel like I've seen you around too. I think I've seen you in one of my sociology classes," the man explained.
"Yeah! I guess we have that class together. I'm Harry Styles, by the way," the curly haired lad put his hand out, and Louis shook it in returned.
"Louis Tomlinson," he smiled. "And whose this little fella?" Louis cooed, looking down at Niall.
"This is my little boy, Niall. He's 11 months old," Harry beamed. He loved to show off his son.
"He's a cutie," Louis smiled, but a small part of him wondered if the baby was adopted or biologically Harry's. If he was, that meant Harry was straight, which saddened Louis because Harry was no doubt one of the most handsome men he'd ever seen.

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