Chapter 7

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Kiaras’ POV

 “You want her that bad?” I felt Aidens eyes on me and looked up into his eyes. I knew I looked terrified but sitting here with him I couldn’t help but feel a fraction safer. With a gentle movement Aiden placed me more firmly on his lap and repositioned the hand from my back to around my waist in what could be considered a defensive action. Why does this guy seem so nice?

I dazed out of the conversation in an attempt to distract myself from the pending torturous night with Treyton. The possible disappointment of seeing Aiden leave me here with him was too much to bear. I turned my thoughts inward. I could feel butterflies at Aidens touch. Why? No other owner has ever tempted me in the slightest before. It has always been agony when one would try to touch me in an alcove or run a hand up my leg as I served them diner at the table. Sure most of them looked nowhere near as good as this guy does, and none of them seemed to stare at me in quite the same way but he is still an owner and out of bounds.

I closed my eyes and I imagined the look in his eyes to be passion. A typical dream. Master falls in love with slave, defies the laws and marries slave. A whirlwind romance ending in a happily ever after. The happy imaginings dancing in my mind were tainted slightly by the memory of Aiden with that look of desperation in his eyes both in Valencias’ room and the kitchen. The honest agony in his eyes over that song I sang was gut wrenching. He already loves someone.

I opened my eyes again and started to listen to the conversation that was happen about me. “I have the paperwork to prove that she is mine!” Aidens voice remained at a normal volume but the emphasis he put on ‘mine’ and the venom in his words allowed no room for argument. Releasing my hand Aiden reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a handful of neatly folded papers, one of which dislodged itself from the stack and fell onto my lap. Picking it up, I looked at it for a long moment. It was a picture of me. Taken a long time ago but unmistakably me. I traced the frown I had in the picture with my finger and looked up at Aiden. After the briefest moment I gently place the picture into his hand with the rest of the papers, but continue to stare at him. He turned his attention back to Treyton, handing the papers to him in a brisk gesture. Somehow him having my picture from when I was a little girl made me feel much more intimate with him.

As Treyton examined the papers, Aiden looked back at me with a tender look in his eyes. There was no mistaking the look of longing in his eyes. It wasn’t lust but a desire to be near me. This closeness brought happiness that I had yet to see from him in the few weeks I have lived his mansion. In an exaggeratedly slow motion Aiden raised his free hand to brush my hair back from my face. His touch made my heart race as I suppressed silly, hopeful thoughts. His hand settled gently on my cheek in a warm manner. I felt a smile twitching at the corners of my mouth and felt my face heating up. In an attempt to hide my thoughts I turned my face down and bit my lip only to have Aidens gentle touch guide my gaze back to his face. “Do you remember me?” I couldn’t help but frown for a second at the question. It was only yesterday since I saw him! Does he think I’m simple? Before I could even think to form an answer Aiden reacted to my look. “I mean from before, 14 years ago.” The hopeful look in his eyes made my heart ache, I wish so much that I could say ‘of course!’ but I haven’t the faintest idea where I would have met him 14 years ago. The pain in my eyes was clearly visible to him as he knew without a response that I didn’t know what he was talking about and the hope in his eyes diminished as we stared at each other.

A small blur of movement distracted me for a second and the whole word seemed to slow as I registered what was happening. A guard behind standing behind us had a rope around Aidens throat in a flash and I found myself being hauled off and away from Aiden by another pair of massive arms. As panic registered in Aidens eyes I felt my own panic rise. “Aiden!” I screamed his name, clawing at the arm around my waist, reaching frantically towards my beacon of hope that was being hauled to his feet by a pair of guards as the one with the rope kept the tension on his neck. A sudden slap across my face stopped my struggles dead. My hand on my cheek I watched as the drunken Treyton stood between myself and Aiden looking proud of himself.

“Thank you for bringing me the paperwork for my slave.” His slurred words and unsteady balance emphasized his intoxication. “Now, I am sorry for your sudden departure. It was a pleasure to have you over for supper.” I watched as Aiden struggled to breath against the rope around his neck, his face turning red from the efforts of his struggles.

I felt something wet on my cheek as I watched Aiden being dragged farther away from me. Touching my hand to my cheek and recognized the moisture as tears. Staring at the wetness on my fingers I couldn’t remember the last time I had cried. I looked up at Aiden and found him staring at me, ignoring Treyton entirely. He was mouthing something slowly to me, but between Treyton walking in front of him and my blurred vision from tears I could make out none of his message. Shaking my head I tried clear my eyes but Aiden was being hauled from the room before I could blink.

Treyton stood looking down at me. Looking up at the drunken pig that was now facing me I felt my heart sink into my stomach. He stood there looking at me and licking his lips in sloppy circles. “As for you…” Grabbed a handful of hair, he jerked my head back so he was looking down over me. “You didn’t think that I would give you up without a fight did you?” His other hand turned to bruising my breast with his groping. “Am I right in thinking that you like your old owner?” His mocking voice asked rhetorically. “Did you like how he touched you?” His hand slid across my chest to graze over my breasts. “We should spend some private time together so I can find out how you liked him touching you.” I could feel moisture running down my cheeks again and gave in to my terror. Wracking sobs shook me as I heard Treytons cackling laughter echo in the deadly silent room.

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