Frank's Betrayel

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"Alright, you stole my love once, You won't do it again. How about we make a deal, a code per say." Liam suggested.

Frank nodded in agreement. He didn't care, he got what he wanted, Tonia. They both liked her, but Frank broke the bro code and asked her out anyways.

"If we ever have this situation again, I get her, not you. If you kiss her, I destroy you." Liam replied, very seriously, He loved Tonia, but Frank took her, he wanted to get the contract now before he changed is mind. 

They both signed, shook hands and walked their separate ways, ending any friendship there.


                                                                   Liam's POV

He broke our code. That's it. Anger boiled up inside of me. He is going to pay.


Frank's POV

I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Wait this isn't my bed, Or my house. Where am I? Then I saw Sam sleeping next to me. I sighed. Why did she have to look so beautiful when she slept. This was going to be harder than I thought. I wish I could explain everything to her, but that's not my place, and I already messed it up enough as it was. Liam is going to kill me. I found a pad of paper and a pen and wrote a note saying that my mom called and I had to go. I grabbed my jacket off the chair and locked the front door behind me. I sat in my car, deciding what to do next. It's time to find Liam.


Sam's POV

I yawned, stretching my arms out. I looked next to me, hoping to find Frank, but all I saw was a note.


My mom called, something came up. I locked your front door. I'm glad we got to talk last night, but I just couldn't explain the kiss. Sorry.

' Frank

I sighed. Time for school I guess.


10 minutes later, I walked up to the front of the school. Surprisingly, I wasn't late. I went to my locker first, grabbed my stuff for first period, and walked to class. I sat in my normal seat, waiting for Jane to come. I was anxiously watching the door.  Then Liam walked in. He looked around, his gaze falling on me. He walked over to my desk.

"Hey, can we talk about yesterday?" Liam asked, his gorgeous smile fading a little.

"Yeah, actually that's what I wanted to ask you." I replied.

"Great! How about my house,  after school. Meet me at the spot?" he asked.

I smiled."Sound's great." Man, I really liked this guy, but why would he date me? I'm not special. I sighed, at least maybe we could be friends. 

Jane walked in right as Liam sat down next to me. She silently sat down on my other side.

"OMG!' she mouthed at me.

"Ikr!" I mouthed back. "Talk later." 

She nodded.


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