The morning of September 1st came around quickly, before long Draco had packed his bags and was waiting for his parents to take him to Kings Cross Station. His parents had introduced him to some other parents of children going to Hogwarts in Draco's year - Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zambini, Draco seemed to get on well with them. This was a relief for Narcissa as she was becoming worried about Draco's anti-social behaviours and wondered if Hogwarts would do more harm than good, but as Draco had started to bond with the other children, she had decided it was good for him to go - he would learn more there than at home.

However the morning on September 1st came around a little too quickly for Zara, her stuff wasn't packed right, her owl kept squawking loudly and she just couldn't find anything, she rushed around the house looking for lost books and ingredients that seemed to have vanished! After finding everything, she packed her trunk, excited as to what today would bring. She then turned to Emily and Richard who stood by her door, with tears blossoming in their eyes and embraced them in the biggest hug she could muster - she had butterflies in her tummy and had felt sick all morning.

At about 9:30 both sets of children left their houses on the way to Kings Cross Station.

Draco arrived first, striding onto the platform confidently; with his parents struggling to keep up whilst Zara shuffled onto the platforms...looking desperatly for a platform 9 3/4 - surely such things didn't exist?

Zara saw a confident boy around her age stride across the platforms with the same school supplies as her, she broke into a fast walk and caught up with the boys mother perhaps? She cleared her throat and asked shyly "Are you going to Hogwarts?" The boys mother looked startled as she spoke and stood there for a short while just looking at Zara; this made Zara a little uncomfortable and she whispered "Sorry, I'll ask someone else..." before she turned away and began to walk slowly back to her own parents. The woman called out after her "Yes! It's this way, sorry you startled me!" Zara turned around and began to follow the woman too a brick wall, where she stopped and turned around. "This is it! I'm Narcissa by the way, I'm guessing your a first year like my son Draco." she said looking at the girl with such desperation - could it be? After all these years? She decided it probably wasn't as she instructed the girl to run through the wall and get on the train. Zara turned to her parents and bid them farewell, then with tears streaming down her face she ran at the wall - eye's tightly closed.

When she opened them she was somewhere completely strange...An extra train station she bizarre? She saw the confident boy in the distance and made a mental note to say Hello once they were settled on the train. Zara then loaded her trunk onto the train and made her way to an empty cabin, she sat down and closed her eyes; thinking how bizarre the day had been. It was not long before the train started moving and Zara was still alone...

Suddenly she spotted the blonde, confident boy she had seen earlier and he was walking straight to her cabin, Zara closed her eyes pretending to be asleep but he came in anyway and sat down, she opened her eyes and looked at the floor, but that didn't stop him. "Hello, my names Draco, what's yours?" he said, looking directly into her eyes; she had no choice but to look at him and notice that they actually looked very similar. "I'm Zara," she said in a quiet, timid voice, trying to avoid his gaze, but it wasn't working. "Oh that's a nice name, are you a pureblood wizard? I am, my mother and father are great wizards!" He replied sounding as bold as ever. Zara didn't want to go into her background, to embarrass herself in front of the first person she had spoken to so replied: "Didn't know I was a witch until June...I was left on a doorstep when I was a 'parents' aren't wizards; your so lucky to know stuff about your parents...." she trailed off, suddenly deciding that she'd given too much away. Draco smiled at her - perhaps realising her embaressment and said "You don't have to be ashamed, your real parents must have been magic!"

All of a sudden the train stopped, Zara noticed Draco mumble; "we must be here already..." and then offered to help her with her stuff, she accepted, it was nice to have a friend already...They got off the train to the sound of a rather large man, instructing first years to go with him, Zara followed Draco to some small boats which could hold 4 students; Zara and Draco shared with a bushy brunette called Hermione and a rather clumsy boy called Neville. They approached the castle and Zara stared at it - open mouthed, until they were told to climb out of their boats and to form a line. They then started the ascent to the castle and Zara began to feel sick again - what if she made no friends, what if she was picked on, she couldn't even cry on Emily's shoulder here! Eventually they reached the castle doors and were met by a stern looking old lady wearing - what could only be described as - old curtains, green in colour and velvet. She lead them into the hall, were hundreds of other students sat and watched their faces as they walked down the middle, by this point Zara almost felt faint; but she knew if she fainted she'd definitely be picked on so she stayed strong.

An old hat then started to sing, describing 4 houses; each with different traits, she didn't care which one she was placed in as long as she could make friends...It soon started sorting students into houses;

"Draco Malfoy" it called, then almost immediately it shouted "Slytherin!!" The table to Zara's far left started cheering manically and Draco walked over to sit with them...

Then "Zara Mcmillan" it called, Zara slowly shuffled to the hat, placing it slowly on her took longer for her and it muttered under it's breath inside her head before shouting; "Slytherin!!!" Again the table to the far left erupted into applause and Zara sat down next to Draco.

Soon all the students had been sorted and the feast began, food from every culture appeared on the table - some which Zara had never even seen before, but she tucked in, before they were instructed to follow their prefects to the common room. This wasn't too far to go and Zara found herself in a dormitory with 3 other girls, named; Pansy, Jessy and Imogen. They all seemed nice and after some chatting they all gradually fell asleep.

Draco, however, stayed awake a little longer; he shared a dormitory with Blaise, Vincent and Gregory; which he was pleased about - but he couldn't stop thinking about Zara...who was she? After a few hours of thoughts circling around his head, Draco fell asleep and had the same dream that had haunted him for years...this time it was clear...

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