★ Zayn's POV ★

Whoa. Niall and Kam kissed?

And had Niall just called her a slut?

Kam walked in, her face red with rage. She sat next to at the table, visibly agitated by the fact that everyone was staring.

"Have I got something on my face?" She snapped, stabbing her spaghetti with her fork as if she wished the pasta was Niall’s face.

Marcy began to serve the soda, and even though it broke through the tension of the room, it was still pretty tense.

Trying to break it, Liam asked, "So, are you girls related?"

Marcy smiled, while Kam responded, "We were twins, but we got separated at birth and reunited in 4th grade," She smiled, as if remembering something.

"Seriously?" asked Louis.

Kam face-palmed while we all cracked up.

"Lou, do you see any similarities between them?" Inquired Harry, and Louis intently stared at the girls.

They were both pretty, but so different. I wonder how they became best friends?

★ Niall's POV ★

"So how did you two become friends?" I asked staring at Marcy as I did so. We were now in the living room and Kam was pointedly ignoring me. She sat in the couch in between Zayn and Liam.

"She had bad-girl potential," Said Kam, though she didn't look at me. Her iPod was in her hand and she was taking pictures with Liam.

Zayn looked as if he didn't care, which surprised me.

"That's what you say," Marcy exclaimed, "I was a good girl until I met her; she makes everything so fun, even if it's bad!"

Harry, who had gone to the loo, came back holding a guitar in his hands. It was an acoustic guitar, completely black, with an engraving in the back. 'For my best friend. I love you Twinkie! -K.R'

"It's yours, Mars?" I asked.

"No, it's Jake's" I could the sarcasm dripping in Marcy's voice, but she smiled either way.

"Well, can you play it?" Asked Louis.

Harry then said, "Why would she have a guitar if couldn't play it, boobear?"

★ Kamila's POV ★

Marcy started playing "Iris", which is my favorite song. I sang the lyrics only loud enough for Zayn and Liam to hear. They both looked at me, as if they were surprised I could sing.

I smiled at how oblivious the boys were of everything. Niall had been a jerk and deserved to be slapped, but that would've only hurt for a minute or two. So I went for plan B, meaning plan Boys.

Throughout the rest of the night, I flirted with Liam and Zayn. But if Niall was hurt he wouldn't show it. Damn him.

It was 3 AM when they left.

I kissed Louis, Liam, and Harry on the cheek. Zayn waited for his kiss in the cheek but I had something different in mind.

"Maybe you and I should have a sleepover?" I smiled at him, knowing he'd reject my offer.

He turned to the boys, who were waiting for him, "See ya tomorrow guys," He winked.

And with that we went to my room.

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