i was grinning like mad and teared up a bit writing this, omg but HERE IT IS, THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...

you may now begin.


Scarlett POV

The next morning was a blur.

I remember waking up next to Savannah’s sleeping form, walking out to the dining room and looking out the window, not seeing Harry’s car. I recall turning around, finding Liam staring at me with sympathetic eyes.

I hated sympathy.

“Where’s Harry?” I’d asked, my head tipped to the side. Liam had only sighed and hung his head and muttered,

“I’m so sorry. He left.” I remember my heart freezing in my chest and asking,


“He broke things off with Karli last night and just left. He couldn’t bear to say goodbye to you.”

Now, two months after that particular morning, in my hands I hold one plane ticket to Cheshire, England. My hands are trembling and my eyes are watery but I manage to hand the woman behind the desk my ticket, and she leads me onto the plane. I sit down, plugging in my headphones in and wait to get there.


The cold is practically suffering me as I push through the mobs of people in the streets of Cheshire, my eyes searching every single person’s face, looking for a spark of familiarity. Goosebumps inch up my arms as I continue to stride forward, my heart pounding loudly. I swallow back the lump in my throat and ignore the tears stinging my eyes, a feeling of desperateness settling in my gut.

I won’t ever find him.

I push open the door to a little cute coffee shop, wiping my tears.

“I’ll… I’ll have a medium coffee please.” The girl behind the counter, a redhead with two nose rings says in a nasally voice,

“Three forty five.” I hand her some bills and mutter,

“Keep the change.” When I receive the coffee I put in the usual, two sugars and one cream, and sit down at a table. I sip my coffee, letting the tears fall freely down my face. Savannah’s words she’d told me several months earlier echo loudly in my head,

Sometimes you’ve got to have just a minute of embarrassing, brave, insane courage. Don’t think about the present, don’t hold back, just let everything out. And, I promise you, something good will come from it.

I let out a loud, sad sigh and shift my gaze back to the window, looking out at a tall, curly-haired boy walk by.

Wait a second.

I find myself crying out loud,

“Wait!” I drop my coffee and push back the chair, overlooking the fact that the chair had made a loud squeak and everyone in the room is now staring at me. I run over to the door and pull it open, feeling desperation eat away at my insides. I sprint past loads of people, my eyes only trained on Harry. He’s now a couple feet ahead and I dash over, trying to catch up to him. The tears are running pathetically down my face as I rush forward, finally skidding to a stop and standing in front of him at last. He looks pretty much the same as the last time I saw him except for now he has bags under his eyes. Harry has on a tight, white woolly sweater and black skinny jeans, plus his signature white converse. His green eyes soften when he sees me standing there and he bites his lip. Suddenly, my throat becomes raw and I find myself unable to speak, gazing into his emerald eyes. The world just fades to black and he’s the only thing I see, the only thing my heart is beating for. When he sees that I’m not talking he sighs and smiles sadly,

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