Kidnapping - Chapter 22

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I woke up in darkness and realised I was tied down to a chair. What the hell? My mouth wasn't covered but I felt no need to scream. I knew no one was going to hear me, no matter where I was. It would only waste my energy.

"Well hello there Katie." Mia said somewhere in the darkness.

"If you want Harry so much then shouldn't he be the one you're kidnapping?" I raised an eyebrow although she probably couldn't see me.

"Well you see, I thought that if I kidnapped Harry's true love then he'd obviously come running after her trying to find out where she is and in the end he will fall right into my grasp."

"How exactly do you plan on making him love you?" I asked.

"I have my ways." she chuckled.

"You're a psycho." I hissed.

"Says you. The one with no real friends until now and that's only because they're living with you. You're the one who was depressed for like a year or whatever, probably cut yourself too didn't you, you freak. And you were anorexic, disgusting!"

"I almost died because of you!" I shouted.

"Oh boohoo. It's a shame you didn't." she snarled. If I wasn't tied down to the chair and I could actually see by now I would have probably ripped her head off. "Anyway, you almost got Harry killed! And you attacked me! Who's the psycho now? I have to step in and save his life now before it's too late again. Trust me I'm doing this for his own good."

"Of course you are." I said coldly.

"I'm glad you understand." 

"So how long exactly do you expect me to sit here tied down to this chair?" I asked.

"I think I made it pretty easy for them to find you. I just wanted to give them a bit of a game first and to see if they actually care about you at all in the first place." I could practically hear the smirk in her voice.

"How long have I been here?" 

"About an hour or two. I dunno, I don't really care." she said and I heard her high heels hit the stone cold floor to indicate that she walked away. 

After another hour or two I became impatient, thinking that I was never going to be rescued. My eyes became accustomed to the darkness and I could just about make out a door on the other side of the room. Then I realised I still had my phone in my pocket. Now the trick was to get it out. 

I ran out of anymore ideas after trying to grab it with my tied hands from behind the chair, trying to get myself free from the chair by ripping the tape which tied my hands together and my legs to the chair and my last idea was to somehow break the chair in half which also didn't work.

Another hour went by and I had lost all hope I had left in me when suddenly the door opened and two people walked through. 

"You're a monster." I heard an all too familiar male voice say.

"Harry don't do this I'll be fine." I sobbed.

"Too late, he's mine now." Mia laughed and untied my hands. Immediately I ran to Harry and wrapped my arms around him. 

"I have to do this, I'm sorry Katie. You'll be safer this way. Go back to the guys, I'll contact you... soon..." he sighed and planted a kiss on my lips.

One last kiss, forever...

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