Sparrows P.O.V.

" yes mrs. Eden. ... Ya, he is not looking to good. You might want to call a doctor. ... Hmmm. Well, he is pale, weak, barfing, coffing,and... No not any sneezing. Oh! He has a fever!" Anna was talking to my mom in the car while I was driving. " I have the*coff coff* flu! And a coff, and sore throught!" nick yelled in to the phone between coffs. "while it might help if you stop screaming!" I sayd. "yes mrs. Eden I'll call him for you. Bye." Anna hung up. "so what does she want?" I ask. She needs me to call your dad so he can get saltines, gaderaid, and ginger ail." "I *coff.* don't want to eat the ginger ail!" yelled nick. " you won't have to." says Anna sweetly. " you'll have to drink it." we laughed at nicks face when she sayd that. " you guys are party poopers!!!" yelled nick again as another loud gross and slimy commit pile started in his bucket.

"ok we are at our house." I pull over " nick you can walk your bucket to your bath." I say. " oh man!" Anna looks like she was just blamed for killing someone. " I forgot to call your dad!" she says panic stricken. " it's ok give me your phone." I sayd. "why my phone?" Anna asks. " because it has seri! And I havent gotten the upgrade yet." I say. " ok." "seri!!!!" I yell in delight. " seri , call mr. Eden." I command. "calling mr.Eden." seri sayd. "so cool!!!" I exclaim. Ring, ring, ring,... Ring, ring, ring,... "hello Anna" my dad sayd jokingly." do we need to come get you and sparrow out of a holding cell again?" " I'm not Anna, and that day is not funny. That squrrel did not deserve to die under my wheels." "ya, they took you to the holding cell because of that. And not cause you to were weeping your eyes out." my dad sayed. "not the point! You need to get the usual for nick." I sayd. "sick?" " ya." "ok I'll get some bye."" bye" I hang up " well?" Anna asks he's gonna pick it up. We should probly call the doctor now." I say as we walk into my parents two story red and white Victorian house. "no need to.ill do it you two just make sure nick gets ice cream for his throught. My mom relives us of our "calling duty". We head to the kitchen. I don't feel like yelling so I text nick. (nick, mint chip or vanilla reces icecream?) (both with Chocolate sause!) (comming right up Nicky loo!) I type (don't call me that!!!) (ok!;-)) " both with choco sause." i tell Anna. She grabs the icecream and sause. I grab the bowl, spoon, and two scoopers. "one!" Anna starts "two!" I add "three!"we say together "go!" we start our race. I cuickly grab a scooper and the vanilla reces tub. And put two scoops in the bowl. Anna does the same. We both grab the chocolate sause and cover the Ice cream with it. Then she grabs the spoon and I grab the bowl and we race up stairs. " beat ya!" Anna yells happily "no fair I have the cream!" wow. Im a loud person and to a lesser extent so is Anna. We walk into the bathroom with our eyes closed to shield ourselves from the naked nine year old boy in the tub that grabbed the ice cream and spoon from us. "Thanks, now get out!" he yelled "ok nicky loo!" I say. Ugh! He says as we shut the door. We head down stairs. "ok..... Ya. I'll give him some.... Ya. Thanks! Bye." my mom hangs up. "the doctor says he'll be fine if I give him some bio-hpf." "Hun?" Anna says "ya, Hun?" I say. "It's a pill." I love my mom and her smarticles! "oh and I have to pull him out of school for a week." "ok." I say. We head to the kitchen and grab the tubs of ice cream. Then head back to school. We missed math, and lunch!

Ok I'm not completely happy with this chapter. Ps: the yelling is all happy. This chapter is dedicated to and one who has ever written, or plans on writing a book. Go reading! Lol. I hope you guys liked it! This chapter was to show you how much sparrow loves her family. Oh and Anna's parents are divorced aand she lives with her mom a block away, but she spends most of her time with sparrow and her family. Ok get exited cause the next chapter is important!!!! Fireheart11~

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