Part 1

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" Jenn, did you hear yet?" Ashley asked me while at our lockers. "Hear what?" I asked. " Your name got nominated to be in the auction box this year." She smiled. " What the hell?!" I yelled slamming my locker shut. " Calm, down what is the big deal?" " What is the big deal" I don't like going out on dates anymore, and especially if it is someone I don't know." I released. " Hey, you never know, you might get a guy that you like." Ash said trying to make it better. " Where did you find this out anyways?" I asked trying to calm down. " Posted on the bulletin board by the office." She said cringing knowing i was about to explode. " NO!" I yelled kicking my locker. I have a lot of "creeps" who have been trying to date me, and I turn them down. I wouldn't be able to say no now, because it was a school function. Thinking of all of that I ran down the hallway to the bulletin board, to try and tear it down. When I got down there it was too late. When I looked deeper into the crowd, and I saw Ryan Sane. Ryan is the biggest player in the school. He has been trying to get into my pants for two years now. Some ask me "are you stupid? Trust me he will be the best you ever had". I didn't want any "part" of him near me, let alone in me. " Hey cutie, i see your name is on the list." Ryan said smirking. " Yeah, congratulations you can read." " Hot, and funny. Well when I buy you at the auction, prepare for a long night of pure pleasure." " In your dreams, Ryan..In your dreams." " My dreams will be reality on Friday."  Then I heard the bell ring. Saved by the bell. "We'll see each other soon, Jennifer!" Ryan yelled after i started walking off.

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