Part 62

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Part 62

"Harold Edward Styles, where the hell are you!?" I screamed into my phone as I stopped at the red light waiting for the drunken boy to answer me.

"Hello?" I familiar girl voice said into the phone making my heart stop as I hung up my phone angrily and drove off.

"Okay Sarah... Stay calm until you get there, stay calm. Don't crash stay calm." I kept repeating as I drove off to where I knew Harry would be.


"LET ME IN!!!" I yelled banging on the door angrily.

"Sarah, hey..." Christian began as I pushed passed him and ran up to Caitlins room.

"I wouldn't do that to Sarah, Harry." I heard Caitlin's voice say followed by Harry's sobs as I hid beside the door frame listening.

"I have to get her off my mind!! It's killing me not to be with her. Please just help me get her off my mind." Harry cried as he reached over to Caitlin and tried lifting her shirt.

I stepped into view and waited for them to notice me.

After a few seconds of arguing back and forth they finally noticed me. Both their eyes went wide and Caitlin was by my side in minutes apologizing.

"Don't worry I saw..." I said as I walked over to Harry.

"Really. Your solution to getting over me is by having sex with one of my best friends. -" I tried continuing but was cut off by Harry's lips on mine.

"I wasn't trying to get over you baby, I just needed to get you off my mind. It kills me not to call you mine." Harry said between kissing my lips softly.

"How would you feel if I came here drunk and tried to bang Christian!?" I asked pushing him away as I nodded my head towards the boy.

"I-I would probably kill him..." Harry said looking down as tears spilt from his eyes.

"Exactly. Now let's get your drunken ass back to the hotel. Y'all have an interview tomorrow." I said as I pushed him out of the door and hugged Caitlin goodbye.

"Thanks for keeping him safe and not betraying me." I said as her and Christian walked us to my car.

"You're welcome."

"Be safe. Keep in touch." Christian said as he helped Harry into the car and then hugged me.

"Love ya Sarah." they both said as I started the car and buckled up.

"Love y'all too..." I said smiling as I drove back to the hotel.


I woke up the next morning to find Harry staring at me from the other side of the bed.

"I thought I told you to sleep on the floor." I grunted as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"Oops slipped my mind." he said as he tried laying me back down but failed.

"Harry stop." I sighed as I tried getting up but was stopped my Him forcefully pulling me back and pinning me down.

"Harry! Get off!"

"I like this position better." he whispered in my ear as he held my hands above my head.

"Harry get off!!" I yelled again as he loosened his grip and I took that as my chance.

I flipped us over and held him down, my knee on his crotch so if he moved I'd apply pressure.

"Sarah! Don't do that!" Harry complained as he wiggled around and I put pressure on his crotch.

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