Four - Taking risks

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Taking Risks 

Raina woke up wondering how she got in her bed. She checked her phone and it was 10:00am. She wondered probably Skyler carried her to her bed. She called Skyler.

"Hello?" He sound super tired.


"Oh hey. Uhm, you fell asleep last night." He said.

Raina giggled. "You sound really tired."

"Yeah well I watched you sleep."

"What? You creep."

Skyler laughed. "I'm kidding."

"Last night was fun, mind taking me on that tour you promised?" She asked.

"Oh, so now you're pulling through?"

"Just cause, i'm being a good friend." She smiled

"Fine, go get ready and come out at like 12, so we could get lunch and stuff."

"Alright, bye."

"Bye." He said. She hung up and hopped in the shower.

She was wearing a black v-neck and khaki shorts. She's always hated bringing purses around so she never had one.

Skyler pulled up in her drive way with his MR2, and she got in. "You're a cocky ass-hole, but I like your taste in cars." She said. He laughed. On the way there, they listened to music and teased each other. "I've always wanted a girlfriend that was nooby at driving, cars, and drifting. So then I could teach her." He said. "Oh, uh what about Mich?" She said. "Nah, she's your friend." He said.

"So? We're friends too. Right?" She looked at him.

"Right." He said.

Raina didn't want to be anything more than just friends with Skyler. They seemed to share things in common and she didn't want to ruin it just for some stupid relationship that wouldn't even last. She liked him yeah, but she was afraid to lose him.

They went to the famous Pike Place Market, had an adventure through this vintage library and a shop that sold really old clothing from the 80's. Or maybe even older. Then after that, they went up the space needle. "I'm kind of afraid of heights." He said.

"C'mon! Don't be a baby." Raina pouted and stomped at the ground.

"Fine, but you have to hold my hand 'friend'." He said.

"Fine." She grabbed her hand and they went into the elevator.

They were up so high, that Skyler didn't look so good.

"Do you want to go back down?" Raina asked.

"No, no. I'm okay, as long as you hold my hand."

Raina didn't mind, she loved going to high places, because she felt like she could see everything. Like being able to fly but not exactly the way she imagined it. But she liked it. She hated the fact that she had to hold Skyler's hand because every time she moved. He would squeeze her hand even tighter.

They finally were out of the space needle. But Raina forgot that they were holding hands. So she let go. The sun was setting so they went on the field of grass just right under the space needle.

"So about, Mich?" Said Raina.

"No, I really don't see her that way. If I did, I wouldn't be here right now."

Raina found that comment offensive.

"Not even if you were just showing 'a friend' around?" She gave him a look.

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