★ Niall’s POV ★

The moment I saw that wicked grin on Marcy’s face, I knew what she was expecting. In reality, her expectations were also my expectations—but, of course, Kamila’s expectations were probably completely different than ours. And they probably included Zayn.

I flexed my arms behind my back and clasped my hands into each other, exiting the flat in that very stance to keep myself from doing anything stupid, like try to hold Kam’s hand or shove her into a wall and kiss her. The latter was the most probable.

Anyway, the nearest grocery store was only a block from Nando’s, which was in the direction we were currently walking towards.

I didn’t dare say anything.

★ Kamila’s POV ★

It took everything I had to stop myself from touching him.

I didn’t wanna do anything too bad, just maybe reach out a bit and punch him in the face.

Okay, no.

I didn’t really want to do that.

But I was trying to convince myself that I did.

Maybe then I’d stop wanting to kiss the gorgeous blonde bastard beside me.

★ Niall’s POV ★

No eye contact was definitely the best way to go.

Yup. Not even speaking. Just walking.

Yeah, this was going nowhere.

She hadn’t said a word since we’d left, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Did that mean she had nothing to say to me? Or was it possible she refrained from acknowledging me for the same reasons I did?

I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

★ Kamila’s POV ★

Just kiss me already!

I almost screamed in his face with the amount of frustration boiling inside me. I had tried in vain to make myself believe I didn’t want him, but who was I kidding? I’d jump his bones in seconds if we weren’t in public. But, of course, that wasn’t very ladylike at all, was it?

So I just had to wait for him to make a move, however long that might be.

If he decided to make a move at all.

★ Niall’s POV ★

The little grocery store was in sight at this point.

We were already halfway there and I had done nothing.

How productive.

★ Marcy’s POV ★

It was a bit awkward hanging out with the guys without Kam or Niall around, who tended to be the life of the party. Come to think of it, I was the awkward one in this bunch—the boys got along perfectly, and it took everything I had to keep from unintentionally making a fool of myself.

I looked around to pass the time, hoping the spaghetti wouldn’t cool off by the time they came back. Their seats were so empty compared to ours, barren and—


Was that Kam’s wallet tucked in between a seat?

Oh my God.

It was.

Without thinking, I grabbed the wallet and ran out the door, running down the street as fast I could to get the money to her. Hopefully that hadn’t gone too far, or kicked out of the store by the owners for not paying.

Just around this corner, I thought to myself, considering shouting their names for while—

Until I found them making out behind the store.

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