Pokemon Adventure

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After watching "Searching for the Red Gyarados", Fiona wanders downstairs towards her Blonde haired mother. "Fiona, Bob called a while ago, you'd better get to his house to see what he wants. Okay honey?" Katrina (the mother) asked.

"Alright mom. I'll search for my spectacular boyfriend." Fiona replied. So Fiona set off in Twin-leaf town on the search for Bob. Unknowing what was ahead of her, she decided to stop and enter a random house.

"Hello, is anyone here? Hello!" Fiona shouted seeing if anyone would answer her call. After her fifth shout towards anyone in the house, a mysterious figure came downstairs to meet the visitor. "Hello, I am the dark one, I have come to take you with me." The mysterious character said. Now Fiona was starting to get a bit frightened due to the structure of the mysterious person. The size and the weight.

“Please don't take me. Please...” Fiona said about to cry.

“Don't cry, its me Gary, Bob's dad. I was trying to frighten you.” Gary said in a cheerful mood.

“OK then. Where’s my Bob?”

“He's upstairs in his bedroom. He's studying for a Pokemon quiz.”

“Thanks. I’ll go and see him.” So Fiona went upstairs to see her nicely looked after boyfriend, who as Gary said, was studying. “Hey babe what are you doing in your bedroom, lets go searching for the Red Gyarados.” Fiona asked.

“But I have to prepare for a Pokemon quiz in Jublife city.” Bob replied in despair.

“But how are you going to make it to Jublife city without any Pokemon?” Fiona said hoping that Bob would come with her to Lake Acuity. “Alright then babe, you win.” Bob said to Fiona. “Dad. Can I go to lake Acuity with Fiona please?” Bob bellowed downstairs to his greatful father.

“Of course you can Bob. I don't have anything against it. What about you Kim?”

“He's fine to go, but stay out of the tall grass, remember, wild Pokemon hide in tall grass.” Kim, his mum, said. “Thank you. Bye.” So Bob and Fiona set off to Lake acuity, but an unexpected set of people from Sandgem town were there. “Now just a little fine adjustments and.... there we go, a Pokemon tamer. Luckily for us our three in the briefcase are already tamed. Lets go Dawn.” Said Professor Rowan. “Please excuse me.” Rowan said to the happy couple.

“Sorry about him, he's in a bit of a bad mood see....” Dawn said whilst being interrupted.

“Hurry up!” Rowan said. So the Professor and assistant left the lake leaving Bob and Fiona behind.

“What was all that about?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know, but what is that in the tall grass?” Fiona replied.

“I think that its the briefcase that they were on about.”

“Oh, well lets have a look at it then.” Said Fiona.

“But its in the tall grass, and my mum told me not to go into the tall grass.”

“It will only be a few seconds.”

“OK then.” So They entered the tall grass, unaware that two Starlys were praying on them to see if they could get a mid-day snack. Searching if anyone was watching, the Starlys were preparing a swoop to get a mid-day snack. After searching for a few seconds, the Starlys decided to strike and take all that they could. The only action that Bob and Fiona could take, was looking in the briefcase to hope something good was in it. Fortunately, there were three level five baby Pokemon inside. They were: Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig. Without hesitation, Fiona chose Chimchar, because at activities she was on fire and Chimchar is a fire Pokemon. Bob had to choose between Piplup and Turtwig. Piplup was a baby penguin and looked adorable. There was no way for Bob to say no to that cute little face. So it was Piplup and Chimchar vs Starly and Starly. Piplup only had two moves to start off with, whilst Chimchar had one. Piplup's moves were: Pound and Growl. Pound gave a vicious strike towards the opponent, whilst Growl caused the opponents power of the strike to fall, causing less pain. Chimchar only had tackle, but it created a vicious attack to an opponent, but not as strong as Pound.

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