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It been a week or two since I been in cat form and I got to say it been annoying but some what interesting. Inoceania.

Yes,she made my time here interesting and quite relaxing,its only admiration because I still had to figure out how to get home. I can't lie I was thinking about using Inoceania but I couldn't do nothing to hurt her, she was quiet and innocent. I sigh, rolling over in my bed...while Inoceania but I been sleeping in it still.

She left me once again to have a talk with one of the idoits suitor. I yawn,'What to do?' I jump up and off the bed proweling toward the half open window. When I squeeze myself between the bar windows and I start to walk across the ledge, swaying my tail side to side. I leap into an around-about window and qucikly trot into the pallor and hid behiend a table, peeping out to find Inoceania smiling nicely at a old man and a younger looking couple who was yelping on and on. Inoceania was sitting next to Lord Lucias and the other dumbie Lord Enoch. Near them was Inoceania fake-ass mother...urg, she makes me mad.

I was able to pick up stuff about a festival coming up in three months and they was planing on how to set up and money-entertaining profic rates. I quickly zone out and focus my gaze Inocenia mostly. I watch her raise my eyebrows up when someone ask her a question. And when her mother cut in, she will frown and shift a mean look at her mother but than she covers it up with a smile. She wasn't smiling for real because her eyes wasn't sparking or that small dimple in her check shows when she laughs, no one had seen the real Inoceania but for me. Wow, I feel specail.

Damn with them feelings again then I heard them start to move, must mean the meaning was over. I shuffle quickly behiend a chair. Inoceania walks past me with her puffy light blue dress drape slightly to the ground, I wonder what she would look with in 21 centry clothes.

Woah, her legs most be tone and long and I think I may die and go to heaven she wrap them around me and brush her soft hands through my hair. I tremble at that thought but it wouldn't happen, but she said she was a Wiccan, which means immortally soon when she drinks from the well of life or was it a sort of spell. I will be able to immortal only when I turn 25 and drink the ancient herbs that was pass down from genration from generation.

I follow after Inoceania who was being follow by her dumb suitors and the young couple. They lead me into a large empty ballroom decroarated with lace cutains that hung on the larg two set of 3 stories windows and the ceiling wa painted in golden and red streaks. Who this room was fancy and my thoughs got drifted when I saw the lines of tables filled with small table food.

'' We will like you royals to tast over the food we maybe serving at the festival and we will like you to chose reach ones are the best,'' says the woman, who was the couple with her husband.

Inoceania smiles,'' I would like to taste the fruit, if you don't mind.''

'' Not all,'' the male(the couple) says leading them over to the fruit trays.

I prowel fowar d,hidding behiend a grand white pole watching Inoceania eat, making weird faces if she don't like them. The suitors(jackasses) was copying her every move and trying to flirt with her. I hope she don't buy into him or the other one. They wasn't good for her at all

'Shut up stuipd emotions,' I hiss before I strech out, placing my head on my paws and countinue to watch her.


She most like him the most, Lord Lucias I beleive. Because she was always leaning toward him, or smiling like he was so perfect, Yeah Right! After the food sampling, I follow them outside and them ditching poor Lord Enoch behiend. So I only got to work on getting rid of Lucias, I really don't see the point why they use Lord or Prince in front of their names.

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