A Mermaid Saved Me

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"Help! Help! He..."

The voice of the woman in question stopped abruptly, slipping under the surface of the water.

Now, a little background.

My name is Gabriel. Friends call me Gabe and all that stuff.

I'm seventeen years only, live with my mom on a house right next to the beach.

Which is where I work as a lifeguard, saving people's lives every day on the coast of California.

No dad. He walked out on my mom and I when I was five and that was the end of that fantasy.

(Ya I'm not enough of a sissy to say I don't/can't talk about it).

My best friend and co-worker is Victoria, but if you call her that she might just hit you, so we call her Vic.

Now, no one has died on this stretch of beach since I was born, and I've come down to this beach pretty much every day of my life, playing in the sand and water. Learning how to surf and play paddleball and all that.

There's a legend about this beach, saying that there are mermaids living in the water around here, watching the people. If you're pure of heart and the water threatens to take you, they can see into your soul, and choose if you deserve to live of die.

I guess all of the people who get caught in a rip tide around here are pure of heart, because none of them have died.

I start swimming out to the woman who just got pulled under the water, and when I get to where she went under, I dive.

I push myself deep into the water, my eyes burning from the salt water, my heart pounding, my lunges starting to ache.

Then I see her, floating in the water, unable to fight the current.

She looks like a ghost in the water, already dead.

I can imagine her eyes staring vacantly up at me, and I almost gasp at the image.

The only thing that stopped m was that I was under water and I would have ended up drowning myself.

I grabbed hold of her, and as soon as my fingers where curled around her wrist, the tide wiped us in another direction, making in tumble through the dark, cold water.

I kicked, trying to remain calm, that I had trained for this my whole life. But as my lungs began to scream, my brain started going fuzzy, I flailed wildly.

At that moment, I realized that I couldn't escape the water this time, that I was going to die, and this woman was going to die as well because of me and my poor excuse as a life guard.

I kept kicking until I couldn't get the message to keep kicking from my brain to my legs any longer. Then I was limp in the water, knowing the last thing i was going to see was the ghostly form of the woman beside me and the darkness that pressed in on me form every direction like a fluffy down comforter.

except this one was cold, so clod I though that I would never be warm again, and then I thought to myself, "Of course I won't be warm again, a corps can't be warm."

My eyes were almost completely clouded over, and then I felt something moving close by, weaving its way to us through the water.

"Please, if you're any kind of flesh eating animal, wait till I'm completely dead until you eat me."

But then I felt something sliding against my leg, long, slimy, life the scales on a fish, or a shark.

but it felt warm and alive and I wanted to remember that feeling, of something else living near me. I felt something wrap around my waist.

It felt like a hand, but when I thought about it, ho could it be a hand?

i felt nails though digging into my skin, something that felt like a chest at my back - solid, like rock, not slimy.

I let the arms hold me up, my hand still wrapped around the woman's wrist, which I could still feel a slow pulse in.

My head fell back, and it felt like it was resting on a shoulder, smooth and smelling of something strange, not something you would smell on land.

Of something old and powerful and dangerous.

 I turned my head into its neck, my mind almost completely fogged over.

Then I felt lips on mine, firm and full and demanding, something I'd never felt before, and the lips forced mine open, and pushed air into my lungs, making me come alive in the water again.

It kept doing it, once, twice, three times, and I wrapped my arms around its shoulders.

Then I realized I let go of the woman, and I tried to pull away. But the thing in front of me held me to it, and I saw something ghostly moving through the water, going up to the surface and breaking it. I saw the bottom of a lifeguard boat, and I tried to get to it, but it would not release me.

I struggled more and it held me tighter then before.

I felt myself being dragged through the water away from the boat and the people on it. People I worked with, people who would think I was dead.

But I wasn't dead.

At least not yet.

The It's PVO

Humans.... I thought with a sigh.

Weak, fragile creatures that should just stay out of the water because I was tired of having my people and I save them.

If they were to stupid to stay out of the water, then they should just die.

I was swimming through the water having a perfectly nice day, and then I see two humans who got pulled under the water.

I could see the life draining out of them, new one was close to dying and the other was right on her heals. I swam over there, intending to save yet another stupid, ungrateful human.

The boy was holding onto the girls wrist, but it wasn't to tight.

I swam under them, my tail flicking to human boy in the... what do they call it?

The ankle?

Ya, that was it.

I swam up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist, when i felt a warm, wonderful feeling filling me up. I felt like a clam about to open up and release bubbles!

He weakened more in my arms, and rested his weight in my arms.

His head fell back on my shoulder, turning to nuzzle in to my neck.

he was almost gone, his eyes began to loose their clarity.

i quickly, without really even thinking, turned him around, molding my lips to his, covering his mouth completely to make sure the water didn't get in.

I opened his lips, which had been pressed tightly together to keep water out, and pushed air from my lungs and into his.

His body seemed to be spazzing in the water, like he was being electrocuted.

His arms came around my neck, pulling us closer together.

I saw from the corner of my eye another one of my kind take the girl to the surface to where the boat was waiting to see if they were still alive.

I let go of the boy's lips, feeling strangely mournful of the loss.

Seeing the boat, he tried to get away from me, but i held him.

This was one human i wanted to keep.

I didn't know why, but i knew he was going to be mine.

Ok... I hope this turns out good!

This is my first boyxboy story and i don't want it to be like... really cheezing or something tearable like that! If you like Fan vote or comment! 

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