Whispers In The Dark

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                The rain pounded at the windows as the car pulled into the driveway the lighting flashed and the thunder rolled, the shudders slapped against the side of the house that he will soon call home. He pushed the door open against the wind, the rain felt like icy daggers piercing his skin, he shielded his eyes against the wind and rain, "Home sweet home!" he said as he stepped out of the car, after a moment he leans back in. "Stay here till I unlock the house, the movers should be here tomorrow ." He said and trots up to the house. He pulls the new golden keys out of his pocket and fumbles with them for a few moments almost dropping them then unlocks the door. The thunder booms outside pulling him out of his thoughts, he turns around and walks back to the car with the rain pelting his back and opens his wife's door. "Wonderful weather we're having aren't we?" He says with a smile helping her out of the car. "Ryan! Its stormin' like mad out here! You crazy?" she says. "Go on inside I'll wake up Chris and tell em to get his ass inside." He opens the back door and shakes Chris's leg. "Wake up! We're here!" he jerks awake and looks confused. "I'm not gonna stand here all day ya know." Ryan says walking off,  Chris gets up and rushes past him. Ryan stands on the porch momentarily and watches the storm, Not a very good sign. This just screams bad omen. He turns and walks inside.

                When he walked in the silence was oppressive, the only sounds that he can hear is the sound of the storm around him but even that seemed muffled and distant. Ryan felt a creeping sensation move up his spine and turned around and got a blast of freezing air right at his face. The air conditioner just clicked on. That’s all. His mind told him. They were all sitting on the living room floor discussing where they wanted to put everything when several loud booms shook the house, then footsteps running across the floor upstairs. The three of them stood up at once. "That definitely wasn't lightning…" Chris said. "You guys stay down here. I'm gonna check it out." Ryan said and went for the stairs. He felts a rush of icy cold air and paused on the landing the hair on the back of his neck stood on end, the sound of his heartbeat downed out the dying storm around him. "Hello?" he said voice cracking. No answer. He takes another step and feels his skin start tingling as if a current was running through him, as he got to the top of the stairs the feeling was stronger than ever. Ryan went room to room not seeing anything. He walked to one of the windows and seen a large tree branch hitting the side of the house. It's just a tree branch. His mind breathes a sigh of relief as he goes back downstairs.  

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