★ Kamila's POV ★

I must say, Zayn knew exactly how to get Niall and Liam jealous.

And getting into my room? Best idea in the world, except for the fact that Zayn kept asking questions about my life, and I didn't feel like answering.

"We've been here five minutes! Marcy is gonna think I raped you," I winked at him to keep from laughing.

"So be it," He smiled back. Like always I did the unexpected. I strolled to the couch where he was sitting, sat on his lap and kissed him.

"Hey, Kam, we're going to—oops." Marcy mumbled from the door, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. I sprang up and smiled at my best friend.

"No, I'll make food, don't go to Nando's," I said.

She just looked at me, wide eyed, and nodded.

★ Liam's POV ★

Kam going off with Zayn definitely a bad sign. Niall glaring at the bedroom door was an even worse sign. Naturally, I was glad when Marcy went to get Zayn and Kam so we could finally go eat at Nando's.

Zayn came into the living room, his face flushed from chin to hairline.

"Oh, somebody snogged," said Louis playfully, and even though it might’ve been innocent banter, it sure as hell didn’t come off as that to Niall and I. Zayn just smiled, while Niall and I almost growled, "Shut up, Louis."

"Marcy, I am hungry and I shall attack the fridge if you don't feed me!" Yelled Niall, as if trying to distract himself from what had just happened. Kam then stood at the door that led to the kitchen and threw a packet of cookies at Niall’s head.

"Enjoy," She smirked before going back to the kitchen.

I had to admit, she looked great wearing a kitchen apron. I could see her doing this, being my little wife, raising children with—what am I thinking?

She won't give me the time if the day and I'm thinking of her as something else?


This girl was bad.

★ Marcy's POV ★

The boys were in the living room, chatting amongst themselves, which left Kam and I to cook. Of course, when I said we ‘cooked’, I meant that loosely; if I so much as neared the stove while something’s being prepared, the whole flat would burn down. It’s happened before.

Thankfully, Kam knows how to cook, because I'm obviously an epic failure at cooking. When she was done, even I had to say it smelled great.

It wasn't anything fancy, just spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce. She had made buttered bread and for dessert we were gonna have ice cream.

When Kam served everything, the boys had their mouths hanging open.

"It smells delicious!" Exclaimed Niall, promptly stuffing his face with pasta. I saw Kam blush, and I knew she did like him. So what was up with the whole Zayn thing?

"Did you do any of this?" Harry asked me. I shook my head.

"Whoa, so you made everything?" Liam asked Kam.

"Well, I am more than just a pretty face," She smiled at him.

"Oh, gosh, I forgot to buy the soda!" I exclaimed.

"I'll go buy it," said Kam and Niall in unison.

"Ok both of you go,go,go, before it gets cold!" I hurried them out the door, not even bothering to keep the mischievous grin off my face.

Now, that's gonna be interesting.

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