Chapter 5

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   "I'd rather run the other way than stay and see the smoke and who's still standing when it clears"

 The fray- Over my head (Cable car)

 The past couple of weeks Jace and I been spending a lot of time with each other and it seems we both out over the kiss. He's been showing me around around town giving me tours and everything every time he show me a new place I begin to love this place more and more. I found a job thanks to Jace I now work at a horse ranch  which I don't mind since I have a new thing for them now.

 To celebrate my month being in north Carlina Jace is taking me to a club which would be my first and I can't wait. I get dress and where a short strapless sliver glittery dress with some heels and did my hair in waves I was doing my makeup when there was a knock on my bedroom door and I all ready knew who it was.

 "Come in" I said puting on some lip gloss.

 "Is someone ready for a night out" he said coming into my room.

 "Yup how do I look?" I said posing for me with a smile.

 "Great, lets go" he said walking out really great? I rolled my eyes and grabbed my pure and keys I open the door to his truck "Now before I go let me just say this clubs is crazy and there's a ton of bad people so just stay close to me and you'll be fine" he started the car.

 "If its so bad then why are we going?" I asked.

 "Because there's something I want you to see" I gave him a confuse look then looked out to the road when he go to the club I saw huge strobe lights that says Sliver Fang a chill went down my spine. 

 "Ready?" he asked I let out a breath.

 "Ready as all ever be" he smiled and told me to hold on to him we didn't have to wait in that long line because Jace all ready knew the people "Smooth" I whispered into his ear and I saw his Adam apple go up I laughed at the effect I was giving him this could be fun Jace asked if I wanted to eat first or dance and I picked dance I haven't been in a club in ages even when I was traveling. Jace stayed close we was dancing to a fast beat song that's when I let lose I dance to every dance move. After  a while it was starting to get hot and Jace was putting me into a work out I never dance like that with him before the guy has moves. We found a table and order I got fries and a shake because I wasn't really hunger and Jace got a burger we shared the shake. When we was done I told him I was going to the bathroom he said he'll wait for me.

 I had trouble finding the bath room at first when I was done I hard a gun shot then screaming I was getting worried I wonder if Jace was ok I wasn't sure if I should stay here or  either run out I heard foots steps passing the bath room and I let out a breath then I heard on foot step stop slowly the bathroom door open I ran into a stale and stand on the toilet they wouldn't see me feet.

 "Whose there" I heard a stranger say I hold my breath praying that they will just think no ones here and walk away as soon as there about to leave my phone ringed playing a ne-yo song.

 "Fuck" I whispered and quickly reached for my phone on the caller ID it read Jace I quickly answered it "Keke, Keke can you hear me!" he helled on the phone I on the other line I could hear a lot of gun shots and screaming "Jace, Jace please come here I'm scared" I whispered with tears in my eyes "Clam down I'm coming" he said.

 "Jace you don't understand AHHH---" I screamed when the stanger bust down the bathroom stale.

 "Should of put it on silent sweet heart" he smiled they guy was wearing all black and looked a couple years older then me he hand brown eyes with gray hair that when I knew he was old.

 I drop my phone in to the toilet "Keke, Keke, Ke--" that's when my phone dead.

 "Aw so sad" I stayed still standing on top of the toilet.

 "What do you want?" I asked.

 "Easy to kill you" he pulled out a huge knife he came walking towards me "You have to choices a slow quick death for a slow but fun painful death" he smiled showing all his teeth my heart was beating fast and I was sure even this guy could hear it.

 "Your choice"

 "I chose neither" I yelled throwing on of my heels at him with good aim it landed in his eye.

 "Ahh" he yelled in paining leaving me enough time to make a run for it but sadly time wasn't on my side because as soon I got to the door he grabbed me down with one arm and the other covering his hurting eye "Nice one" he said I tried to pull my self free but he was much stronger he was on top of me now and I was squish and I couldn't breath.

 "I hate having to ruining a pretty face" he said brushing the side of my face "Aw well"  heard gun shots then next thing I knew he was beating the crap out of me why dosen't he just kill me all ready? he could of all ready use his knife and be done with me but I guess this was is slow fun and painful at lest he was right about one thing it hurt like crap. "Come on fight!" he yelled I only had one shot with this I took off my other heel once while he was taking a break I quickly started to beat him with it I know it sounds lame but why do you think the have heels on the bottom I was fighting for my life I was willing to use even toilet paper if I have to once I felt is lighten up I pushed up off my body.

 I yelled not because I was scared but because I had the upper hand he was on the floor I went to the side where I hit is eye because I knew he still couldn't see well I grabbed his head and pound it on the sink that would leave a mark but for some reason he wouldn't take down at some point we were both on head to hand combat throwing kicks and punches I never fought with someone like this before I had blood and sweat falling down my face I had a busted lip a few bruise here and there my vison was not so good because at some point I slip and busted my hand on the tile floor.

 "This ends now" he said spiting out blood and I did the same we ran into each other he reach for the pocket that had his knife but what he didn't notice while he was on me not only I was able to reach for my shoe but also his knife but what what I didn't notice was he had a second pocket gosh how can I be so stupid I slice him on his arm which wasn't compared since he had me in my stomach. I yelled in pain I can't believe how stupid I was I slowly fell the floor is this how I'm going to die will I join my mom? 

 "Well sweet heart I must say you pulled of a good fight I'm surprise you went soft on me when you could of easily changed" changed? "All well sweet dreams" he kissed me on the check and he left I was alone with one like I was before I cried feeling heavy because I knew in a moment my time would come I was to screamed to see the damage slowly things became fuzzy and things were spinning I lay ed my head down on the cold floor. I heard more foot steps Please no more then I saw black boots the person nailed down to my level and moved my hair back I looked up to see gold eyes.

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