War of Hearts

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Chapter One

The scene in front of my horrified me, and yet, I couldn’t help the feeling of elation spreading through my body. Quinten knelt down beside the still woman, and his mouth was stained red with her blood. That thought should have repulsed me and, in a small way, it did. But, I couldn’t help but be happy that he wasn’t gone from my life forever.

Our eyes were locked on one another, and I all could do was say his name, over and over again. I was convinced that he’d disappear any second, and I’d wake up alone in bed, sobbing for the man I knew to be dead.

He looked unsure of anything, as if he didn’t recognize me. How was that even possible? Quinten was my soul mate; my heart had shattered into a thousand pieces when he died. After Ray had taken me home, I felt lost, and nothing had made me feel better.

Had Quinten not felt any of the pain I had?

Quinten wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, looked down, and licked it clean of blood. I repressed a shudder of disgust. Without even a second glance at the woman he’d probably just killed, Quinten stood, and started walking toward me.


He cocked his head to the side. I was right, he didn’t recognize me. He stopped in his tracks, unsure of what to do.

“Quinten, it’s me, Alanna.”

There was absolutely no recognition on his face, and I bit my lip to keep from bursting into tears. I’d endured the death of my soul mate, only to have my hope renewed, and now it had been ripped away from me again.

Were Quinten and I not meant to be together after all? Was fate trying to destroy any chance I had of actual happiness?

I took a step forward, an idea forming in my mind. Werewolves bonded by kissing; maybe that would help him understand who I was, and who we were to each other. All I had to do was get close enough to him, and press my lips to his.

Did I want to kiss him though? Quinten was obviously a vampire now; I’d interrupted his feeding on a helpless woman. What kind of man was he now?

I didn’t have time to make a decision.

Something slammed into me, knocking me to the ground. Fingers scrabbled for my throat, trying to claw me or choke the life from me, I wasn’t sure which. I reached for the hands, trying to keep them from my eyes.

I was so focused on Quinten I hadn’t even seen the other vampire in the clearing. How stupid could I have been after everything we’d gone through?

The vampire leaned down, grabbed my wrist, and bit down into the tender flesh there. I bit back a scream of pain, and brought my knee up into his stomach. He grunted in pain, but didn’t release my wrist from his mouth.

The pressure around my throat increased, and I struggled to draw in a breath.

Suddenly, a hand appeared in my field of vision. It wrapped itself around the vampire’s throat, and hauled him off of me. I choked, and rubbed my sore throat. Sitting up, I saw Quinten throw the vampire across the clearing.

He crouched down protectively in front of me. “She’s mine,” he hissed warningly.

The other vampire charged, intent on finishing me off. Quinten met him head on, and the two collided with a sound like thunder. He swiped at Quinten, who ducked, and slammed his hand into the vampire’s face. Blood spurted from his nose, and he glared in silent hatred at the two of us.

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