Chapter 1

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Just got this idea for a Liam fanfic. this is before he tried out for the xfactor the second time. i know i probably will get some facts wrong, but please ignore that. i'm still working on my other fanfic so don't worry, and this title is just an idea, i might change it later :) ALL IDEAS ARE MINE PLEASE DON'T STEAL

"C'mon! Let's go!" Audrey shouted at me and we got out of the car. 

It was the first day of cross country practice in seventh grade and I had never run before. Everybody had already started to gather in groups. 

It was pretty clear to tell who was who. You had you're upperclassmen who were less known, but could still run, the jocks who were on varsity and thought highly of themselves, and controlled everyone. Then you had your lowerclassmen, the good runners who had made it to JV and varsity with their skills, and then me. Me, Finley Alex Berkley, the girl who has never run before in her life. 

I set my string backpack down on the ground next to Kerry's and crossed my arms awkwardly as everyone else started streching. I moved my eyes nervously around the group. I didn't think anyone else was going to be as slow as me. 'Alone, again Finley" I thought. 

"Ok group, let's go over to the field to warm up!" A tall, skinny guy told us. 

The group started jogging over to the field and I followed, slowly, behind. 

We all formed a circle on the feild and the captains introduced themselves. 

"I'm Adam, one of your captains, I'm going to be a senior." The tall, skinny boy from before said. 

"I'm Maggie, another captain, and I'm going into Junior year." A short girl said.

"And I'm Liam, your last captain and I'm going to be in eighth grade." A boy, about my height with brown hair introduced.

I could hear gasps from around the circle. 'Only eighth grade?' I wondered. He would no doubt be stuck up like the rest. I sighed, and looked over at Audrey. She had already made some friends, that she could run with. I would probably quit after a few days. Kerry wanted me to do it with her, and my mom agreed. 

"... So we'll be running that loop and coming back to the school." Adam finished. I had completely missed everything he had said meaning I would most likely get lost like usual. 

After we cycled through warm up stretches and sprinted the field (which I failed at), we headed out on my first run of cross country. 

Adam, Maggie and Liam lead the group as we rounded a corner. Audrey was in the middle of the group, running with some other girls. I was already starting to get tired and there was no one nearby to judge me, so I slowed down to a stop. 

'Way to go Fin, you're failing at yet another thing!' I thought as I walked fast to keep the group in sight. 

It seemed we were going to a park a few miles from the school from what Audrey had told me before we left. I took a deep breath and started running again.

Just as I was nearing a stop light, I saw Adam, Maggie and Liam getting closer. 'They're already coming back??!!' I thought.

I was slowing down for the light when Adam shouted, "Keep it up! You're doing great!" 

Catching me off guard, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and came tumbling down. I felt blood trickle down my knee, my wrist started aching and the gravel lodged in my palms didn't make anything feel better.

I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut to keep from crying in front of the captains. As soon as the light changed, Liam came running up to me with the others behind him. 

"You go ahead!" He said gesturing to Adam and Maggie as he knelt down beside me.

I turned my gaze away from him and focused on my knee. I took my shirt and stretched it down to pat it dry of the pouring blood. 

"Here leme help" Liam said, pulling his own shirt off and dabbing at my knee.

"Uuuh, really I don't need any" I blushed and nervously smiled. I have a really bad habit of blushing. That's probably why I don't have very many guy friends 'cause even if I don't like them I blush when they talk to me. 

I made to get up, causing Liam to pull away from dabbing my knee and attempt to help me up. 

"No I really don't need help, I have to make it to that park!" I said brushing his hand off of my shoulder. 

"No you don't, we need to get you to the nurse! What's you're name again, was it Audrey?" he asked.

"I'll be fine, and no, it's Finley." I said as I tied my shoelaces tighter and fixed my rather long ponytail. Audrey and I were frequently mixed up, most people thought we were sisters, but we were just really good friends. 

Before I could start my slow running again, Liam caught my shoulder.

"I'm not letting you go alone!" he said, his eyes expressing his worry.

Shrugging his rather comforting hand off, I said, "No, I'm too slow and I'll figure it out, I always do... eventually" I added. 

His eyebrow went up at my remark as the remainder of the team passed us, most giving us weird looks. I caught Audrey's eye and she winked. I rolled my eyes back at her.

"Finley, you have two choices, to go to the park with me and back with me or go back to school to see the nurse with me." Liam told me, gently pulling me away from the road and onto the grass before I got hit by a truck. 

I could tell I would have no choice, but I still argued, "It's your job to take care of the team, not me! Go take care of them!" 

"And who says you're not part of the team?" Liam answered, clearly confused. His shirt was still off, and now covered in blood in his hands. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander to his abs before I looked back at him.

"Because I'm quitting tomorrow, this isn't my crowd." I said, sure of my self.

"But why? We're like a big family!" Liam replied, taking a step towards me while unfolding his shirt.

"Running really isn't my thing... I'm more of a creative person. I've never run before and I'm slow as hell!" I told him. It was rather nice to get it out.

"Well that means you can only get better!" He laughed at how cliche his comment was. "C'mon, let's run to the park, and I'll stay with you, no matter how slow you are."

I sighed deeply and winced as I moved my leg. My knee had grown tight during our conversation. 

"Fine! But I'm still quitting!" I said with just a hint of a smile, and blush.

"Great! Then let's go before Maggie and Adam think we got attacked." he said, tucking his shirt into his pants to keep his hands free.

"Attacked?!" I stopped, my eyes grew big with worry.

"Don't worry I was just joking! Gosh take a joke!" he said, punching me playfully in the arm and started running. 

I stood there and stared at him. He just kept getting more and more attractive, but he was a year ahead. If my mom knew about this I'd be screwed! 

He turned around and looked at me questioningly. "Come on! You really are slow!" he laughed.

I threw him a look and sprinted up to join him. We settled into a jogging pace and started another conversation.

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