Chapter 5 - "What Have I Done?"

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The strong aroma of eggs and bacon filled the house as I had finished cooking and was now setting the table. It wasn't long before the boys came running downstairs and jumped into the chairs of the dining room table. I laughed as they started to shove spoonfuls of food into their mouths. I grabbed a chair next to Niall and began to eat.

As I picked up a piece of bacon, I looked around and noticed that there was an empty chair at the table.

"Where's my dad?" I asked no one in particular, biting a piece of bacon. They all shrugged, when the front door opened.

"Hey, you're awake!" My dad announced, sitting down at the table.

"Where have you been? You weren't home last night." I asked, anger slowly filling my voice. "You weren't either." Zayn said smirking. I gave him a look, before looking back at my dad waiting for his reply. "Where were you last night?" My dad asked, raising his eye brows. "The park. Now answer my question." I demanded. My dad looked over at everyone then sighed. He pushed back his chair and got up. "Come on boys, we can't be late."

I watched as the boys followed my dad's command, rising from their chairs and following my dad outside the door. The loud bang of the door interrupting the silence of the house for a quick second, before being returned.

"Umm.. Okay..?" I said to myself.

This only made me want to know where he was even more. He's been gone every night and leaving me here alone. What could he possibly be doing? I just wish he would understand how hard it is to take care of yourself and not have anyone to talk too.

Standing up from my chair, I picked up all the plates from the table and put them in the sink, making a mental note to do the dishes later.

I walked into the living room and started to blast some music. One more night by Maroon 5 came on. I started dancing like the idiot I am and yelling out lyrics. "SO I CROSS MY HEART AND I HOPE TO DIEEEE"

Eventually I found myself on the floor laughing at how ridiculous I was. Lying in the middle of the living room floor, arms and legs spread out, I started to listen to the music and slowly drifted into thought.

Last night was amazing. You know, except for the fact that I was a complete mess, with mascara and eyeliner running down my face. But putting that aside, I had told Niall everything. My trust issues. My mom. I haven't told anyone about, in that much detail, besides Allison. And the best part was that he was there the whole time. He never stopped listening, and comforted me at all the right times. I know I've only known this boy for a few days, but I can't help but think that I actually like him. I might even trust him.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a faint ringing sound. My eyes went wide, and I had a huge grin on my face. I quickly got up from the floor and stumbled up the stairs. Rushing in to my room, I looked at my laptop, telling me I had an incoming Skype call from Allison.

"HII!!" I squealed, after clicking the accept call button. "HEY!" She squealed back, with the biggest smile on her face. She had THE perfect smile. Her teeth were straight from the braces she had just recently gotten off, and her teeth were a bright shade of white. She had the type of smile that celebrities have. I was definitely jealous.

"What's up?! What's been going on?! I MISS YOU!" I rushed, moving over to the bed and getting comfortable. "Woah. Hold up, one question at a time." She giggled. "Nothing's happened really, just been practicing for the next completion and stuff." She said. I nodded. "Yeah. I probably should be doing that too, but I've been busy." Allison raised her eyebrows and starting smirking. "Busy with what? One Direction?" She winked. "Ha Ha. Very funny." I said sarcastically.

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