Chapter 25 Part 2

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    I am so sorry!!! I'm not even going to try to come up with an excuse this time. It's taken too long, and I am so very sorry! I'm already started on the last chapter, Chapter 26. I know that you were expecting a much longer chapter with all the time it's taken, again, I am so sorry. I really hope this chapter doesn't dissapoint. I felt iffy about it. It's just a filler to get to the end, but I really do hope you guys enjoy it! I love you all!! Read, comment, and vote please!!!!

   My head was throbbing like I had just been thrown head first into a cement wall, oh wait, that’s exactly what had happened. My body was tossing about in two very warm, very strong arms. Brayden, I thought immediately, oh how I love that man! Wait, how’d he wake up before me? That made him seem manlier, and I was so much more manly than him! I peeled my eyes open and saw… my mother? Since when did she have muscles? Strong arms? That’s it! I was dreaming! That had to be the answer!

    I closed my eyes again, trying to wake up. I opened my eyes again, and there was my mom, I frantically pinched myself, but I ended up startling my mom and she dropped me, dropped me! I groaned and rolled over on the ground, being dropped while my mom is running who knows how fast, hurts, bad.

    “Rose!” my mom’s form hovered over me, anxious. “Are you okay? I am so sorry! I didn’t think you’d be awake for another couple of hours! I am SO sorry!” she rambled on.

    I laid there for about another minute while she kept apologizing, and I kept trying to talk, but the wind had been knocked out of me. I finally threw my hand up and covered her mouth. She stopped talking and helped me get up. My breathing became regular again, and my vision cleared up. “Um…mom?”

    “I am so so so sorry Rose!” she was still holding me, actually now she was cradling me.

    “Mom! It’s okay! Can you please put me down?” I asked, a bit embarrassed. She nodded hesitantly and set me on my own two feet. I looked around and saw no one in sight. We were in the forest and it was deathly silent. “Where is everyone! Where… where are we?” I asked.

    My mother looked around as if she hadn’t realized we were the only two people around. “Well, Brayden took the dragon-”

    “Tobax,” I verified.

    “Yes, Tobax-”

    “Well where did they go?” I interjected.

    “Please quit interrupting me, Rose-”

    “Did they… sorry,” I started and ended as soon as my eyes landed on her annoyed face. I made the motion of zipping my lips and throwing away the key and she continued.

    “As I was saying, Brayden took Tobax back to the battle. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.” So Brayden did wake up before me? Wait, he went back to the battle?!

    “Is he insane? I was there to save his life before, but now, I’m stuck in the forest!”

    “Well, I came here because of what you said before about Osarius. We are close to his castle by now, and he needs to be… dealt with. I can’t stop the war, but we can stop Osarius.” I was touched. Who’s mom let’s them help her fight? Lets them be in dangerous predicaments? I felt very grateful.

    “Alright! Let’s go!” I all but squealed. This was so cool! I would be fighting side by side with my mom!

    “Lets? When I said we… I meant me. I am not going to put you in that kind of danger, Rose. Osarius is very dangerous!” My heart sunk, but I firmly decided I wouldn’t let her go alone.

    “Nope!” I smiled.

    “Nope what?” she asked confused.

    “ I’m not going to not go! If he’s so dangerous, then two against one is better than one on one, right?” my grin widened a tad as she contemplated my proposition.

    “Rose,” she sighed.

    “I’ll race you there!” I exclaimed before she could say no, and l took off into the air. I looked back where I had been standing and my mom was no where in sight. I paused in mid air scouting the area behind me, and when I turned around, she was a speck in the distance

    I grunted under my breath and propelled myself forward, no way was she going to fight Osarius without me. The man who had been half the reason I had spent about fifteen years of my existence away from home. The reason I had been left in foster homes, the reason I had never felt like I belonged. The reason I was willing to commit this one act of violence, even if I were to live the rest of my life in jail… if I were still in the human world.

    With a determined look on my face, I caught up to my mother who gave me a sideways glance and sighed. “I should have known you wouldn’t take no for an answer, after all, you are your father’s daughter.”

    That made me smile. I don’t remember my father, but knowing that my mother saw him in me made me happy. He was still with me, even though he wasn’t here in a form I could touch, he was, in a form I could feel.

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