This Little Love Circle

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      "Katie please?! Just please one date! That's all im asking you."

These are the words coming from his mouth. The 'BAD' boy of our school. But to me he wasn't really bad, he was the sweetest thing ever when it came to me. Ask me why, i couldn't tell you. It just happened one day.


"Katie, don't look now but it's  Braydon Warford!!" Says my bestest friend in the entire world Lacie, who has the biggest thing in the world for this disgrace of a man. He is a total jerk-wad to all the girls he's ever "been with". He will be so mean to them, then the next moment they're having sex in a closet at school. I only know this because one day i was walking to my locker and heard some moaning and groaning from the closet by my locker. When i got what i needed from it, i walked back and out steps Braydon and some beachy blonde girl. How he got away with these things, i will never know.

He looks like an Angel sent down from heaven. He has wavy chocolate brown hair and the prettiest green eyes in  the world. He's fairly tall about 6'5 and has muscles, not to big but not to small either, just enough they bulk out of his shirts. Which is oh-so-sexy. But i still wouldn't fall for his player ways.

"Lace,wipe the drool off your chin and get your books so we can go!" Our lockers are side-by-side and i already had what i needed for our next class togther, which happened to be English with Mrs. Mahan. But she was taking her sweet time! She wipes the drool from her mouth, which wasn't really there in the first place. I giggled at her, then looked at the ground while she got her books.Next thing i know: "OHMYGOD! He's coming over here..Wait, why is he coming over here!?" From a very excited Lacie. She poofs her hair up and puts on a smile to die-for. She was a very pretty girl with her blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She's about 5'6 and just the right size. I turned and looked at him for a moment, wondering why he was in fact coming our way.

He stopped right in front of me. I heard Lacie swallow her spit. She is something else i thought.

"Hi, my names Braydon, and you are?" Looking at me. I stare at him for a moment and wonder if he is really that stupid. I mean, we do have 3 freaking classes together a day and sit one seat apart from each other. So he should know my name right? "Want to know my name? Well then figure it out yourself!" I spat at him. His smile instantly fades away, then is replaced with a devilous smirk. I grab Lacie by the arm and drag her away. "Bye Braydon" she says with a smile and bats her eyes at him. He kinda smiles back and waves a little wave. not really seeming interested. Whoa, him not interested in her?


Well lets just say he figured out my name. Whole name to be exact Katie Ann Webster. He tries to walk me to all my classes and even waits for me at my locker.  I try to ignore him. I just can't give into his ways, because i know that once i do, i'll be just like all the other girls he has had.

Lacie has actually gotten over him since she thinks he likes me, & has also gotten herself a boyfriend. Josh. Joshua Allen. Pretty cute couple i think.

Right now im being annoyed by Braydon, he's asking me out on a date. I honestly don't know why he is trying so hard. I haven't heard or seen him with any girls in about 8 months, the day he came up to me in the hallway. I don't know what's gotten into him. It's like I'm all he wants nowadays. I don't understand. I'm actually liking all the attention he is giving me, even though i act like i don't. Lacie doesn't understand me.

"Katie please?! Just please one date! That's all im asking you." Now we're back to phase one. Not knowing what to do or say.. " Braydon, i just don't know.." i say. "PLEASE BEAUTIFUL?"  He yells this. Now everyone walking on the same sidewalk as us is staring. "FINE BRAYDON!!" I hiss. Just this once and if you make me regret saying yes, then you will have it coming.

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HI! So first storry im writting on here. If you don't like then please just tell me now. just dont be hateful about it.(: if you read then ill upload again in about 2 days, as i have school coming up and work and blah blah blah blahreibfivb/..... so anyway ENJOYYYYY!

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