*2 weeks later, the day before leaving for tour*

Sarah's P.O.V

We pulled up outside of Justin's house and went inside so we could go to our last day of rehersal, Justin greeted us but Scooter wasn't there, he must already be there.

"I want you to meet some people" Justin said leading us into the living room, where two boys around his age were sitting on the couch

"This is Ryan and Chaz" Jusin said to us and we smiled at them

"And this is Sarah and Kelly" he said to them and the smiled and waved

"They will be joining us on tour" He added and we nodded

"We should get going before Scooter gets mad" He said and we walked out to the limo and got in

"Are you excited?" Justin asked

"Very" Kelly replied and I agreed

"Have you ever gone on tour before?" He asked

"Yeah, we went on tour with Liam and Harry and the rest of the boys" I replied and he smiled

"Awesome, so you know how everything sort of works" He said and we nodded

"We're here" The driver yelled and we all got out and went right on stage as soon as we got inside, we started running numbers over and over until around 8 at night and Scooter wanted to have a quick meeting.

"So meet us at Justin's around 11 tomorrow morning with all of your stuff so we can leave" Scooter explained and we listened quietly

"It looked good today, you guys look ready" He added

"Now go home and get sleep, we have our first concert tomorrow night about four hours away from here them we are heading to America" He said and we nodded

"Bye Justin, Bye Scooter" Kelly and I said in unison

"Bye girls" Justin said with a wink


We got back to the hotel, Harry and Liam were packing up there stuff to head back to England tomorrow, I joined Harry in our room as I started to pack my stuff too, Kelly went into her and Liam's room to pack her stuff, soon I got tired and laid down and so did Harry and we both fell asleep


*Next Morning*

We were all headed to the airport, we had time to go with Harry and Liam to say bye before heading to Justin's

"The next flight to England is now boarding" The lady over the speaker said

"Bye Liam, I will miss you" I said hugging his and he kissed my cheek

"I will miss you too" He replied

"Bye love, I love you, see you soon" Liam said to Kelly as her eyes started to tear up

"Bye Li, I love you too, call me everyday" Kelly said hugging Liam and they pulled away and Liam kissed her

"Bye babe, I love you, I'm going to miss you so much" Harry said to me and I got tears in my eyes

"Bye Haz, I love you too, I'm going to miss you so much too, call and text me everyday" I replied and hugged him and he kissed me when we pulled away we gave eachother a weak smile

"Bye Harry, I will miss you" Kelly said hugging Harry and he kissed her cheek and they pulled away and they handed the lady there tickets and turned around and smiled and blew us kisses and walked onto the plane, Kelly started to cry which made me cry too, I hugged her and we cried on eachothers shoulder, we probably looked retarted standing in the middle of the airport crying but who cares, once we stopped crying we went out and got a cab to Justin's house and went inside

"Hi girls" Chaz greeted us at the door

"Hi Chaz" I said with a smile and Kelly smiled too, we all walked into the kitchen where Scooter, Justin and Ryan were sitting

"Hi" They all said in unison and we waved

"We are leaving in twenty minutes, here is the plan" Scooter said and we all looked at him

"We are taking the limo to the arena about four hours away from here, we are staying in a hotel and going to the airport tomorrow morning and heading to California to get the tour bus and Justin has a concert there" He explained and we all nodded

*20 minutes later*

We all got in the limo and we were on our way to the arena, we talked for about an hour before getting bored, so Justin put on music and we all sang along and laughed when someone sang the wrong lyrics finally we got to the arena and went into dressing rooms where our stylist, Amanda, handed us our outfits, http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56753532, (Kelly on the left, Sarah on the right), We got dressed and into hair and makeup, Kelly got her hair straightened and I got mine curled and we both had bright red lips and white eye shadow and we were ready and rushed backstage where Justin was waiting

"You girls look great, let's get a picture" He said

"Hey Scooter, get a picture of us" Justin said handing his phone to Scooter and we all posed and smiled, Scooter got the picture, we all looked at it and Justin posted it on Instagram with 'Backstage with Sarah and Kelly!' as the caption, Jusin was called onstage and everyine went insane, we were starting with As Long As You Love Me, after hours of fun, dancing, laughing, and screaming, we finished the concert and got changed and headed to the hotel, Kelly and I got our own room and Justin, Chaz, Ryan and Scooter are sharing one next to us, but before we went in our rooms Scooter said he had to talk to Kelly and I.

"I needed to tell you that, you can't contact Harry, Liam or any of the boys or their girlfriends" He said and Kelly and I looked at him like he was crazy

"Why can't we contact them?" I asked a bit pissed off

"We don't want them interfearing with anything, I'm sorry girls" He said and walked away, Kelly and I looked at eachother with sadness, I don't care, I'm contacting Harry ever if I get in trouble.

We went into our room and sat on the couch and watched tv

"I'm calling Harry to tell him that we can't talk" I said standing up and she nodded, I walked out to the balcony and dailed his number

"Hey babe" He said happily

"Hi Haz" I said sadly

"What's wrong?" He asked worried

"Well first, I miss you, and second, Scooter said Kelly and I can't contact you or any of the boys or Shelby and Madison" I explained

"W-why is that?" He asked

"He said he thinks you boys will interfear somehow, it's stupid, but I don't care, we can contact eachother secretly alright?" I said

"Alright, I miss you" He said a little happier

"I miss you too" I replied

"I have to go make dinner for the boys, I will text you tomorrow, I love you" He said

"I love you too, bye" I replied and hung up and went into the living room, and Kelly was looking at her phone sadly probably texting Liam to tell him.

I can't believe we can't contact them. I have to talk to Harry, I don't care if I get in trouble for it, I will talk to him.

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