★ Marcy’s POV ★

Thankfully, the day went according to plan.

Sort of.

Well, at least, Kam and I didn’t die—that was a huge plus.

And I guess Harry had been right from the start; we didn’t really have a difficult job. If anything, they’re the brave soldiers willing to go through it all. After singing, signing, and waving, they came back to the lounge to pack up.

And, of course, Kam did what she did best—the unexpected.

“You guys wanna come over to our flat and hang out?” She grinned exclusively at Louis, Harry, and Zayn, leaving Niall and Liam out of the picture. “We live like, two blocks away.”

And we have food,” I couldn’t help but add that in, given that these were guys we were talking about. “Just in case you were wondering.”

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to happen.

As a matter of fact, having them over wouldn’t really be a good idea, considering Jake lived right down the hall…

But when Kam winked in my direction, confirming their acceptance, I couldn’t help but feel happy as well.

★ Niall’s POV ★

I wasn’t sure what I was glad for at first: going to the girls’ apartment or knowing they had food. Nando’s was at a reasonable walking distance, too, so we could order some on the way there. Of course, it didn’t feel that awesome knowing Kam was ignoring me.

And Liam.

But that wasn’t really a main concern at the moment.

It was the way Harry looked at Marcy that piqued my curiosity.

It was a nice flat. Two bedrooms, a living room, some kitchen space, nothing too small.

When we came in, we immediately settled in on the couch, each one of us inspecting a different part of the living space. Naturally, my gaze was centered in the kitchen, searching for any form of snacks or food.

“Like it?” Kam asked, but it was directed mostly at Harry, Louis and Zayn. For the billionth time today, Liam and I were excluded. I sighed.

“It’s nice,” Zayn allowed, nodding his head in what appeared to be approval. “But I think it’d be more interesting to see what your bedroom looks like.” He winked in her direction, sending a wave of insecurity through my body. What the hell was doing? Was he completely serious? Was he really—

“Sure!” Kam sauntered off, Zayn right at her feet as they entered the room and shut the door.

Surprise held all our faces in place, keeping us still for what felt like hours. Even Marcy, who would probably be accustomed to this type of thing, was totally taken aback from her place near the door.

No one dared say anything.

There was really nothing to say at this point.

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