Chapter 3 - It all started on holiday - A Tom Daley Fan Fiction

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It was now 8 o’clock and my granddad was cooking a barbecue. I had already had a shower to wash the chlorine out of my hair, and it was drying naturally now. I tried to get that boy I saw earlier out of my mind. It couldn’t be him, I was just imagining things.

I decided not to tell any of my family members until I was sure it was him, although I knew deep down it wasn’t him.

There are probably plenty of 18 year old boys that look like Tom Daley. Either way, he was gorgeous so I wouldn’t have minded getting to know him.

I walked out onto the patio to be greeted with the whole of my family apart from my Nan who was taking a shower. Everyone was sitting around the garden table waiting for the food to be served, the food was going to take about another 15 minutes and then it would be ready, which came as a relief to me because I was absolutely starving!

I sat down on a chair that was facing towards the pool, in a world of my own just thinking about everything. After about five minutes I saw someone walking by the pool, dressed up in nice, expensive looking clothes, it was the boy, obviously waiting for his mother and brother to go out somewhere.

The tanned boy was just walking by the pool but had his back to me at the moment so I couldn’t actually see his face again to assure myself that it wasn’t Tom Daley. He then walked along the side of the pool and I could see the side of his face! This was my chance to find out whether it was really him or not.

“Jake, come here” I said, not taking my eyes off of the beautiful boy. Jake walked up behind me and leant on the chair I was currently sitting in. “Is it just me or does that boy look a lot like Tom Daley?” I asked him.

“He does a little bit, I guess” Jake replied, with a look of deep thought on his face. “Why, do you fancy him?” Jake teased me.

“Well if he looks like Tom Daley then yes! Of course I do!” I replied to my now giggling brother. “He just looks a lot like him though, don’t you think? He even walks like him” I explained to Jake.

“Yeah he does, what a coincidence” Jake replied. But Jake was right; it was just a coincidence, nothing more than a coincidence. I must be mad to think that Tom Daley was staying in the villa next to me.

My thoughts were interrupted by my father telling me that dinner was ready, so I swung my chair around and pulled it up to the garden table and tucked into the lovely barbecue food.

The dinner was lovely and afterwards we decided to just sit outside and chat, but Jake and I got bored and just decided to play catch with the beach ball.

We were playing catch for about 45 minutes when the lights in the villa next door came on, the must have came back from their meal out. It was about 10ish now.

“Hey Jake, are you 100% sure it’s not him?”I asked Jake curiously.

“Think about it Sophie, what are the odds that the 18 year old diver you’re in love with is staying in the villa next door to us in Portugal?” He asked. For a 12 year old, he talked a lot of sense!

“That’s true I guess” Still not convinced. “But we need to find out if it is him because I don’t want to be wasting time playing catch with you when I could be with Tom Daley, okay?” I teased my brother.

“It’s not him” Jake said, sounding like a know-it-all.

“I’ll prove you wrong” I teased him once again.

“Good luck with that” He replied.

“Kids, it’s getting late, come back to the patio now, we don’t want you waking anyone up!” Dad shouted over to us. What is it with that man and not waking people up?

“Yes dad wouldn’t want to wake the neighbours, would we?” Both me and Jake laughed and made our way back over to our patio. Just as we were walking up to it the boy from next door opened his patio door and walked out onto his patio, I hit Jake with my arm, signalling for him to slow down and he got the message.

I was starting to doubt whether it was really him; Jake had pretty much convinced me it wasn’t him.

“No, not him” Jake whispered to me as we walked up the steps to our patio, which was separated from his with just a hedge.

“How can you be sure? You still haven’t seen his face properly?” I asked Jake.

“I just know okay” Jake assured me. But I wasn’t giving up, tomorrow I was going to find out who this mystery boy was, and prove Jake completely wrong, it’s him. It is Tom Daley, I just know it is!


Will it be Tom Daley or not?

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