Chapter Two- The Kiss

            I hopped out of the silver car, only to see the boy’s tour bus. Niall and Harry got out of the car, and before I could open my own door, Niall walked over and did it himself. Harry walked right up to the tour bus and opened the door. When we walked in, we saw Zayn and Louis playing video games as always. Liam was nowhere in sight.

            “Hi Zayn, hey Louis” I called. They didn’t answer, too distracted with their game.

            I plopped down on the pure white couch. Niall went to put his backpack in his bedroom. Harry quickly followed behind him.

            Liam came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist; he just got out of the shower. I was pretty used to the boys in barely any clothes; because Liam is my brother, and well, the boys and I are very close, basically best friends. He went back into his room to get dressed while I just sat on the couch checking twitter on my phone, relaxing a bit.

            When Liam was all dressed and ready, he came out of his room. “Hey Chloe, hey guys, wanna go get some Nandos or something for dinner? I’m starving.”

            “YES” Niall practically screamed making Liam roll his eyes.

            “Sure,” both Louis and Zayn said in unison casually.

            “Kay, how about you Hazza?”

            “Nahh, I just ate during intermission of the play. I’ll just stay here.”  Harry said. Liam just looked at me.

            “Already ate, no thanks,” I started.

            Alrighty then, let’s get this show on the road. Come on guys.” He walked over to the TV and turned it off just before they walked out the door and hopped in the car.

As soon as the rest of the boys left, leaving me and Harry all alone, I walked over to the TV and turned it back on, flipping through channels only to find nothing. “Whatcha wanna do?” Harry asked, sitting right next to me.

“Hmmm…. Not sure,” I replied simply.

“Hey let’s play Sorry, I haven’t played that in forever!” Harry started as he ran off to get the game.

“Okay,” I started while laughing to myself, typical Harry and his board games.

We were literally five minutes into the game when Harry got up to get something to drink. I hear a bang and walked over to find Harry on the floor. I started to laugh when I tripped over his feet and fell directly on top of him, my lips only briefly brushing his, and then leaning in a little bit before thinking straight and pulling away. I guess you could call it a kiss. I

“Umm… I’m so sorry; I’ll just get going home.” I said while blushing madly. What was happening to me? I pulled myself off Harry and got my stuff together. As I reached for the door handle, Harry called my name.

“Chloe, how are you getting home, do you want me to drive you?

I hesitated for a moment than got my act together, “No I’m alright thanks though.” I said before dashing out the door.

As I was walking back to my house I began to think about the kiss. Was it a real kiss though? It’s not that I didn’t like it. And well, the kiss wasn’t bad. I have kind of always wanted to do that….It’s just that Harry, Harry is a good friend of mine, A best friend even. If I ever did fall for him, and we did begin dating, that would just ruin our whole friendship, wouldn’t it?

I finally turned onto the main road, and suddenly Niall came up to my mind for some reason. His bright blue eyes were irresistible. I shook my head, yet again clearing that thought from my mind.

Beep Beep! I took my phone out of my pocket. My good friend Eleanor texted me, It read: ‘OMG! Louis texted me!’ For some reason, I felt a pang of jealousy it disappeared immediately. Why though? Louis was gorgeous also, with his absolutely stunning eyes and fit body, and he made me laugh more than anyone I know. What was I doing? What was going on with me?

Finally I snapped back to reality and texted Eleanor back, saying: ‘Do you’re gonna start getting a little serious with him enough for a relationship?’ I put my phone back into my pocket and turned up into my driveway.  I walked up to the house and unlocked it just before walking in. “HELLOOO?” I yelled loudly, not expecting an answer and not getting one. Typical.

I sprinted up the stairs into my bedroom. I took my phone out and plugged it into the charger.  I leaped onto my bed letting myself fall onto it. I turned my head to the clock. 8:00. I turned on the TV and the news came on. “One Direction taking the world by storm!” The news lady screamed. I changed the channel. One Direction’s Harry Styles interview. Next channel, One Direction on iCarly. Gosh was One Direction on every channel?!?! I mean, I love them and all but I’m always with them and I just want to watch some TV. I still couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. Gosh, I really hope things wouldn’t be awkward with me and Harry from now on. Whatever.

I ended up turning the TV off, checking for a reply from Eleanor. No reply, she’s probably too anxious about Louis texting her back. I decided to just close my eyes, and get to bed early. I shook everything from my mind, and slowly drifted off to sleep, ending my Friday night.

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