Chapter 2

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Everyone had been shocked to find what the hunting patrol had found three days ago. Spiritpaw's father, Skullpelt had been exiled twelve years ago, due to him murdering his own family except Whisperflame who was his mate before he got exiled. And also due to him almost poisoning Hawkstar. Lilyflower, Graystreak and Crowfoot, the elders of the clan, along with the warriors remembered the last thing he said before he left was, "I will be back!" and he meant it.

Molepaw had tried these past few days to calm Spiritpaw who was upset about her father being a murder. Silverclaw had excused her from her duties, from Hawkstar's orders. Hawkstar had let Skullpelt stay for a little while but not forever. Those who had known Skullpelt were against the idea of letting him stay. Hawkstar had put two guards in front of his small den by the warriors den. Some were uneasy about Skullpelt having his den near them. Some of the warriors including Spiritpaw's and Molepaw and Eaglepaw's mentors.

Molpaw remembered the day that him and the rest of the hunting patrol had found Skullpelt, skullpelt had approached Spiritpaw and told her, "hello, my daughter. Maybe you could tell me how your trainings going?" spiritpaw had not answered and she had raced up to her mentor in fear. Molepaw couldn't blame her, he was a little scared of skullpelt too.

Molepaw was now training with Eaglepaw who was a moon older than him, with Peachfur supervising the training. Molepaw was usually good training but today he wasn't so good. His thoughts were on Spiritpaw. She only left the apprentices den when she was hungry. Yesterday night Spiritpaw had told Molepaw that if she was to come out whenever, the risk of seeing her father was too great. She didn't want to talk to him after what he did twelve years ago.

Molepaw had tried to comfort her but he failed. He was instantly jolted out of his thoughts when he heard his name and felt a sharp prod in his side, it was Eaglepaw. "what?" molepaw asked irritably. "in case you haven't noticed, Peachfur said after we learn this new move, we can go hunting." Eaglepaw sneered and added, "unless your not too busy worrying over Spiritpaw." molepaw narrowed his eyes but said nothing and continued with the training session.

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