My name is friggin kirby and im a ninja/spy i can beat you up like no lie. i tell people ima a ninja/spy in disguise and they call me crazy and laugh at me so im going to really try to find a spy school i mean they really exist right and ill tell them to make me a super awesome badass ninja/spy wait... do they train ninjas to oh well ill find out :)

i totally forgot you dont know who i am so ill tell you Im KIrby thats my name i know weird but i think its awesome people are just jello(jelous) of my awesomness. im a girl a very crazy one i have brown eyes and red hair pretty much it . oh and im 17 .

I got no siblings only child wish i wasnt because my parents hate me. they think i should be put in a crazy home they tried before but i escaped they were soooo trying to kill me because some weird old lady nurse told me to swallow some pills like i was gunna let her MURDER ME!!!! fudge naahh so after the creepy old lady left i went to the bathroom and escaped through the window.

Lucky me but sad because i left those people that have to stay there if i could get them out of that crazy home i would have but they run soo slow i had no choice but too leave them behind.

After that my parents didnt try to put me there again. i might be super crazy but im also super smart i get straight A's i only got one B in my whole intire life and also Im good at hacking stuff and i can beat people up spies are like that right smart and strong.

Well that means i totally can be a spy and a ninja cuz ninjas are super cool . finding a spy school will be hard but no mater what im gunna become a spy/ninja . i go to my laptop and google spy school not real spy schools come up so i guess ill have to find it a different way. oh i know my gay bestie pollo should know ill just go to him.

I run to his house i knock and wait.

some one opens the door

"pollo!!!! help i need to find a spy school like now" i yell

"kirby are you...nevermind why are you here at five in the friggin morning!!" he yells

"to find spyschool duhh" i say

" *he sighs* get in before my mom wakes up" i nod

Now to find a spy school .


so thatts my story:p

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