Katiana- Thats where you got the idea from

Michy- Yup

Tyanna- After that day everything just fell apart. Our mom started to drink and she just never got over it. She would disappear for days and come back smelling like booze and cigarettes. *crying* I had to take care of Michy. I was only 9 years old. I guess the beer wasn't good enough for her because she started doing harder stuff. One day she came home after leaving for a week. She left us with no food or clean clothes. She came back with a man named Chris and a new wedding ring. She said she met him in Vegas and they got married. She started  saying all this crap about changing her life and being a better women

Michy- And for a while we believed her

Tyanna- That didn't last long. One night i was sleeping and my door opened *Crying harder* i thought it was michy who had a nightmare or my mom coming to check on me or even my dad. But it wasn't any of them it was Chris. He sat on my bed and told me to be a good little girl and that he wanted to be my father. I told him i was tired and i had school the next day but that didn't faze him. He put his hand over my mouth and he pinned me too the bed telling me too be a good girl and be quite and that if i didn't be quite he would do the same thing to Michy then my mother. I still remember his beer breath as he laid on top of me and took my innocence *Crying while fuming angry The girls try to comfort her*

Moe- Aw Ty we didn't know

Steph- Yea i am so sorry about what happened to you

Tyanna- Don't be because he got his. After about months of him coming into my room i got use to it. When i got older i started lying and saying i was on my period just to stop him from sneaking in my room

Katianna- Did you ever tell your mom

Tyanna- Yea but she didn't believe me. She just said i was trying to ruin the best thing to happen to her. I came from school one day and the house was a mess broken vases broken tables and there was a trail of blood. I put Michy in a closet and ran to see who was hurt. and there I saw Chris laying on the floor dead with three gun shot wounds. One in the head, one in the stomach and one through his man hood. But my mom was no where to be found. so i called the cops and they came. they took me and michy to a foster home.A year later they split us up. Thats when i met Mr. and Mrs. Robinson they took me in and adopted me thats where i met you guys

Steph- What happened to you when they took you Michy?

Michy- I bounced from home to home.. i was abused, beaten, lonely, and rapped all by the time i was 12. Thats when your mom *looking at Aliyah* and dad adopted me.

Steph- We were so mean to you. *Feeling bad* 

Michy- It's ok *Smiles* You guys didn't know

Katiana- Why did you guys start that fire? and why did you guys leave? 

Tyanna- Me and Michy would meet up late at night just to talk and catch up. 

Michy- One night we started talking about our mom and we decided we wanted to meet her and find out why she left

Steph- Why didn't you just ask to meet her or ask to look for her?

Tyanna- We don't just wanna meet her

Michy- We wanna live together and be together... we didn't wanna take the chance of being split up again

Aliyah- So instead of running away you guys decide it was a good idea to fake Michy's death, leave us feeling sad and gloomy then Tyanna you decide to move.. Making us think you were "guilty" *Says while doing quotes* about what happened to Michy. Was being our "Friend" real or was it all part of your plan?!

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