Chapter 15

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*Everyone turns their head towards Aliyah and Michy 

Everyone except Tyanna- Michy?!

Michy- Yea its me

Aliyah- No this isn't real! This isn't real! *Shakes her head* This has to be a dream

Tyanna- It's really her

Aliyah- Pull over

Tyanna- But..

Aliyah- PULL OVER!!

Tyanna- Fine

*Tyanna pulls over and Aliyah gets out and everyone follows her out

Prodigy- Are you ok?

Aliyah- *Shakes her head no*

Steph- How could she be ok? Michy is alive *Starts to tear up* I can't even.. *Cant finish her words. Roc grabs her and holds her*

Moe- How could you be alive? *Crying* We watched that tree house burn with you in it...

Michy- I had...

Katiana- How could you do this to us? *Khalil is rubbing her shoulder*

Michy- I..

Aliyah- I thought I killed you!! I thought it was my Fault! *Tears pouring down her face* I felt so guilty about what happened. i had to lie to my parents, we had to run from the police! And the entire time you were alive?!?!

Tyanna- Hey! Calm down! She..

Aliyah- And you shut up! You knew she was alive and you said nothing! How long did you know?!

Tyanna- look..

Aliyah- I said how long did you know!!

Tyanna- *Puts her head down and says in a low voice* I helped her plan it

*Everyone is blown away

Steph- how could you sit there knowing the pain we went through and say nothing? So thats the reason you wanted to watch Michy. We thought you left because you felt guilty about what happened. 

Tyanna- We..

Nychelle- So you were lying to us the entire time.. I had nightmares for weeks *Begins to cry* about Michy burning alive... I was finally in a place where I could close my eyes and not see her face... I wanted to kill my self because i felt like what we did was unforgivable

Tyanna- We are sorry but we had to leave

Aliyah- Why? What possible reason did you have for leaving and how did you know Michy so well enough that you had to lie and stab us in the back? you only knew her for a couple of weeks

Michy- *Tyanna and Michy look at each other* We are sisters

Moe- What do you mean sister?

Tyanna- We are blood sisters we have the same parents

*Everyone stands there stunned into silence*

Katiana- Can you explain please?

Tyanna- Well it started when Michy was about 6 and I was about 8.. It was before i moved to Savannah, anyway. we lived in this three bedroom apartment with my mom and our dad.. Our dad was a fire fighter and he loved us. we were living the life.. then one day a red police looking car pulls up to our drive way and a man in a military looking suit and a priest knocks on our door. Once my mom opened the door she dropped to her knees and cried NO! NO! *starts to tear up* The man didn't even say a word he just handed me a letter and walked away. Our father died in a fire while trying to save a little girl. We were too young to understand

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