Chapter 8

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Okay, so a few of you guessed it EXACTLY right on where she works. HOW. THE. MANGO. DID YOU GUESS THAT?!?!?! I TOTALLY THOUGHT NO ONE WOULD!! ASJSKALJDHAKJ. You're psychic. That is the only possibility. YOU. ARE. A. PSYCHIC. I JUST- Meh.

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                                                                ***Zayn’s P.O.V.***

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, and I don’t even know why. Nothing extra spectacular happened today. There was just something in the air that seemed to make everything better.

Of course, half of the reason I felt this way was sitting right next me, driving to wherever this mysterious job of her’s was. I tried, and tried, but I could not get her out of my head. It was quite strange that I felt this way about a girl I met yesterday, but I honestly didn’t mind, because the feeling I got in my stomach whenever she so much as smiled felt better than anything I’ve ever felt before.

My thoughts jumbled just imagining her. The tingling sensation in my skin whenever we came in contact, and just looking into her brown eyes made me feel drunk with happiness.         It was amazing.

There was one thing that worried me, though.

What if she didn’t feel the same way? I couldn’t imagine she did have feelings about me as strong as mine were for her. But did she even feel anything?

I chewed on my bottom lip furiously, as I tried to make sense of our relationship, if there even was one. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I thought over today’s events, attempting to look for any hints or clues to how she may be feeling.

Yesterday, when she was taking care of me after my incident, she seemed like she really cared whether or not I was okay. But today, at lunch, when she and Niall looked like they were best friends, keeping secrets from the rest of us, what was that? Did she like him? But she couldn’t, could she? I mean, she seemed like she was happy when Niall got that girl’s number. So she didn’t like him... right? This is so frustrating!

Questions upon more questions swirled through my brain frantically. I glanced over at Elena, seeing that she was already gazing worriedly at me. She mouthed ‘what’s wrong?’, then checked the road, and looked back at me.

I waved it off as nothing, and she reluctantly turned her eyes back toward the street we were driving down.

There she goes again. Just that simple gesture caused me to smile like an idiot. I faced out the window to my right before she saw the grin that exploded on my face thinking about her. I had to bite my lip to control my expression back to a simple, content one, and when I did, i glanced up at the rear view mirror to see all the boys watching me with smug looks on their faces. I mouthed ‘what?’ hoping Elena didn’t catch me. Harry subtly started hip thrusting and mouthing back ‘get some!’, so she wouldn’t see, but I would.

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