The No Name Flavor

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The No Name Flavor

            I’ve never believed in monsters or the scary tales from around the campfire. Or at least I didn’t; not until I met The No Name Flavor. Just thinking about my encounter makes me cry and I get the urge to vomit. I’m not doing this for your sympathy but more for the last little bit of sanity I have left. This is the last you’ll ever hear from me. Even now as I write this I can feel that thing coming for me. Mr. No Name warned me about telling anybody of his master’s special ingredient. I have nothing left to have taken from me and my fear has turned to pure bitterness. Even as I sit here in this white room, with no windows or pretty pictures, I feel him watching me. I don’t have much time, so let me just get straight into it.

            I was twenty eight weeks pregnant and it wouldn’t be too long now before I got to meet my little Penelope. My husband and I had been trying for some time now to have a baby and finally our prayers were answered. The doctors had said that it wouldn’t be possible for me to carry a baby, so when I came in with the news, they said there was a good chance I’d loose it. Nothing like that had happened and Penelope was growing into a healthy little baby. She was our little miracle child or she would have been had I not gone to that ice cream shop.

            My husband Danny and I were pure western. We would wear our cowboy boots with faded jeans and the hat to match. We lived in the small little town of Luckenbach, Texas. There were not many people living there but we were all family and neighbors really were neighbors. Everybody knew that we were trying to have a baby with little success, so when we brought home the news that there would be a new edition to the family, there was a party. That was joyous day and the joy lasted all the way until that life changing day.

            Back to me being twenty eight weeks pregnant. I was having very strong cravings and the newest one was ice cream. Not any particular flavor, just ice cream in general. I had heard of a little shop that was supposed to sell really good ice cream; I think the name was Sugar Babies. I had wanted to check it out for some time and this was my excuse to have Danny drive me there. “Hey Dan, I really want some ice cream. Ya know that lil’ place called Sugar Babies? Let’s go check it out!” I yelled to him from across the living room. He came in from the kitchen and rubbed his hand on his forehead before giving me a lazy smile. “Awright Ginger; if ya wannit, ya’ll have it” he said before giving me a kiss on the nose. I’ve hated myself for that decision ever since.

            We got in the car and drove off into downtown looking from shop to shop hoping to spot our destination. Finally, we came across a bubble gum pink hut with the smiling picture of a baby on the front and a faded wooden sign that read Sugar Babies in curly writing. It didn’t look like much but there were quite a few cars outside so I figured the ice cream must be good. Danny got out of the car and came around to help me on to my feet. He gave it a skeptical look before turning to me and holding out his arm so I could use it for support. “Ah can’t say it looks purty but if it’s what ya want, it’s what ya’ll get” he said before we entered the building.

            We walked inside and were surprised by how nicely decorated it was on the inside compared to the outside. The walls were a pearly white with pink poka dots and everything was sparkly. Behind the counter was an old man that looked like he was about 68 years of age. He had on a bright smile and greeted us when we walked through the door. “How ya’ll doin’ this fine mornin’? Mah names Mr. Sugar” he said happily. He seemed to be eyeing my stomach but I assumed it was just my imagination. “We got all kinds of flavors here and especially those classic favorites like vanilla and chocolate but I recommend you take The No Name Flavor Challenge.” he said. This last bit peaked my interest and proceeded to ask him what it was. “I see I’ve gotten ya interested. Well lemme tell ya then. Ah have one ice cream here that has no name. It’s mah secret recipe! If ya’ll will be brave and taste it, you can have yur ice cream fer free!” he told me. I considered this for a moment before putting on my game face and accepting the challenge. He handed me a spoon with a sickening looking goop. It was brown with swirls of dark red. It didn’t look the least bit appetizing but I had already accepted the challenge and wasn’t going to chicken out now. I closed my eyes and shoved the spoon in my mouth. I wish I never had.

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