★ Kamila's POV ★

I knew Marcy hated pressure. So when she bolted out the door, I was tempted to go after her. But when I stood up to leave, Harry flitted after her, so I figured she’d be okay.

"Kam? Is everything alright?" asked Zayn, black eyebrows knotting together in what appeared to be…worry?

"Yes," I answered, but didn’t want to go into detail. Instead, I grabbed his iPhone, exclaiming, "Let's take a pic!" for various purposes.

Firstly, I wanted to distract him.

Secondly, I may or may not have wanted to make Liam and Niall just a teensy tiny bit jealous. For the fun. Solely for the fun!

"Thought you'd never ask," Zayn winked at me, bringing me back to the present. I plastered a sweet smile on my face while he pressed the camera button, cozying up to him as much as possible. When I finally got a peek at the pic, he was sticking out his tongue. Adorable!

We took another one, in which I stuck my tongue out and he smiled. We giggled when we saw it.

Marcy then walked in, Harry trailing in behind her. His green pools were stuck on her as she stepped inside, almost as if he was...oh, hell to the no!

Nobody checks out my best friend without me asking a few questions!

"Excuse me," I couldn’t stop the words from leaving m y lips. Zayn grabbed my hand tightly, murmuring, "Don't leave..." but I couldn’t help it. Was this really going on right now? Harry checking out my best friend?

"I have to, I'm sorry and you guys are going to start performing soon so..." I smiled at him.

He got up and kissed me. On the lips. For an instant I almost didn't kiss back. Almost.

★ Niall's POV ★

I turned around and saw Zayn kissing her. What in the royal fuck?

They hadn't even known each other for twenty minutes and they were already snogging!

I've had enough.

"What the hell is going on?" yelled Liam, matching the defensive position I had involuntarily taken.

Well damn him too! He stole my line and my stance!

I inched my way closer to Liam, watching as Kam broke the kiss.

"It’s called kissing?" She looked at us as if we were retarded.

Zayn smiled at her wit. I felt a smile tugging at my lips but decided to glare at Zayn instead.

"Seriously Zayn, do you even know her last name?" I asked, very close to punching someone’s eye shut.

"Razo," He retorted, a smirk on his face.

"What is it to you? Gosh, you are worse than my brothers!” Kam groaned. “Well, I don't care either way. Now you guys have to perform so go and... do your thing," She continued when a grin tugging at the ends of her lips.

"No good luck kiss?" Said Zayn, tugging her closer by the hips.

Kam did the most unexpected thing and kissed him on the cheek. She then walked out, like she hadn't left three pop stars alone and astonished.

★ Zayn's POV ★

That girl was charming. And witty. And not my type. When the guys left to wander around or just not to be awkward while Kam and I flirted, she had shown her true colors.

"I do find you attractive, but here's the thing—Liam and Niall both have some kinda crush on me,  and I need your help." She said, dazzling in the way she leaned into my shoulder, even though I knew it would never work out between us. Besides, who could resist those puppy eyes?

"What can I do?" I sighed, wondering exactly where this would be going.

"Flirt with me.”

That was all she asked for.

I requested her Twitter later, and she give to me. I was surprised to see she didn't follow any of us, while, in turn, many people followed her.

Mostly guys, though.

I went through her Twitter looking at pictures she had posted. The one before her new pic was with a guy that freakishly looked exactly like Niall, only he was a natural blonde. The smile on her face was so natural and the way he looked at her was pure love.

Uh oh.

Liam and Niall would be disappointed if they ever—

Wait. Would they? After the little fit they'd both thrown, I was fairly certain they were condemning me to the deepest pits of hell in their heads.

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