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"H-Harry? Is that true? You..deliberately tried to hurt Kadence?" Zayn stuttered. I stood there shocked, Harry was next to me with almost the exact same expression with a little added horror.

"Is it true?" Louis whispered. He looked absolutely devastated. Liam didn't say a word, instead he walked over and grabbed my arm, gently pulling me away from Harry. They were supposed to find out because I didn't want the band to fight, I wanted them all to be best friends like they were. Oh god I've ruined everything, everything. Liam leaned down and whispered to me.

"Did he actually do that?" His voice was filled with angst. I was half tempted to say no and make up a lie about how I was just trying to get attention but I couldn't seem to lie to him, I've done that enough. I nodded and looked at the ground. His eyes got cold and he whipped around at Harry.

"I actually believed Niall hurt Kadence. I hurt my best friend for nothing all because you wanted to date her?! Harry! Were all like brothers...How could you have done this to Niall? Or Kady? Are you the reason Niall is in there!?" His voice rang through the halls of the hospital, nurses were whispering, docters shaking their heads in disapproval. Louis and Zayn were still standing back there speechless.

I couldn't hear it anymore, this whole thing has to have been my fault, I started to run down the hall and almost instantly heard feet chasing after me. I didn't care who it was as long as it wasn't Harry. The sound got closer as the person behind me sped up and finally I felt arms wrap me into a hug.

"Kady, Shh it's gonna be ok" Louis said. I didn't even realize I was crying.

"But I messed everything up!" I yelled as Lou hugged me. He gently rubbed my back and waited for me to stop crying. I finally collected myself and he sat us down in some chairs and forced me to look at him.

"Kadence. You did nothing. We said we wanted you to come live with and we don't regret a moment of it. Things go wrong and alot of the time we blame outselves for things that aren't always our fault. You did absolutely nothing wrong. Were gonna work this out ok?" He said. I could always, always count on Louis. Even when I needed to get away from my brother he was there and ready to help. I nodded and he brought me into another hug.

"Alright, lets go see Nialler. Wipe your eyes, he'll get worried if your crying." He said. I wiped my eyes and then he made a ridiculous face to make me laugh, and it worked. Linking arms, Lou made me skip down the hallway which made me laugh again, we got to Niall's room. Nobody was outside anymore, thank god. Lou opened the door for me and I saw Zayn sitting in the visitor's chair, chatting with Niall.

"Hey!" I smiled when Niall looked at me. There was absolutely no way I could hide the red blotchyness on my face from crying but the least I could do was smile. He looked at me confused but patted the spot next to him on the hospital bed.

"C'mere" He said simply. I walked over and sat next to him. He put his arm around me and brought me close to him, not saying a word. I looked over and saw Louis whispering to Zayn, most likely briefing him on how felt about the situation.

"How are you feeling?" I asked enthusiastically. This made him smile his perfect little grin.

"Great! The nurse said I could leave this evening!" He said. A real smile spread to my lips because then I could get a piece of mind once he was at home.

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