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Since we're actually shopping for wedding outfits, I decided to bring friends along. And of course, so did Peeta. It made this trip more private. Peeta'll drive us there, and we split up, I buy some supplies, then go look for clothes whereas Peeta is looking for clothes first, then other supplies! I actually started to wonder where he got the money from, other than working at the bakery.

Peeta brought Haymitch, and I'm with Effie and Annie.

"Are we nearly there yet?" Annie asks impatiently.

"Oooouh! Looks like someone's eager and impatient, eh Annie?!!" Haymitch chuckles.

"Sorry." Annie giggles.

Peeta answers, "Nope, it's not easy to get around this part of Panem!"

"OK." she replies.

"I know another place we could've gone!" Effie says, as if she's suggesting another place to visit. Maybe she is! Who knows.

"Are you suggesting somewhere else to go to? Do you think elsewhere's 'better'?!?" I exclaim.

"No, nonono! It's just-" she stutters. I glare, "Yes. The-"

Peeta interrupts, "Nearly there! Just found a shortcut!"

"Peeee-taa!" I yell in a childish way.

"Sorr-eeeee!" he does the same. Annie and I start to giggle. Next thing I know, everyones laughing! I wish cheerful moments like this happened before, as well as now.

Peeta turns to the left and parks the car.

"There, all set to go. Have ya got your list?" he says.

"Yeah!" I reply joyfully.

"C'mon Haymitch, don't get too drunk!" he shouts, dragging him along.

Effie adds, "Mind if I join you? I want to keep an eye on Haymitch, so he won't ruin this trip for you!"

"That would be helpful. Sure, thanks." Peeta says, winking.

"HEY!" Haymitch cries.

"What about us??!" I shriek, trying to capture Effie's attention as she poshly walks away.

Annie says, "Oh well. Come."

We walk away, the opposite direction of the others.

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