Chapter 3 - Gone one year

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Alpha Drake at the side. Played by Matt Lanter


It was hard to see my mate suffer, especially since she had to fake smile. The only real joy was her child and me, she never was the same since that faithful day. The day we found the note a year after poor little Danica ran away. It was a ransom note, saying if I do not give my title as Alpha they would keep Danica and do awful things to her. As Orla saw the note she burst out crying, of course the second we found Danica gone I sent everyone out to find her as soon as my mates eyes watered as well as my own. She has been gone a year now, but I was determined to get her back.

As my mate cried in my arms, I knew we only had little Danica for a little while, but she was our adopted daughter.

And I promised her parents I would protect her. My mate was having another nightmare in my arms as she lashed out in her sleep and whimpered out to anyone to comfort her. The guilt struck her the most since she was part of little Danica's pack. I still remember how we met. It was a complicated time for the both of us, she was mourning over her alpha's death and I was learning how to take care of little Danica.

She was a good child, very skilled and even tough she didn't shift yet.I could tell how strong her wolf would be, it will be far stronger than the average female wolf and most male wolves. She showed her strength from day one. After her parents died she quickly adapted and got back on her feet. She was seven but she wrote a speech at only seven and stood infront of everyone at the funeral with a brave look on her face and the last words she uttered got every one stunned for she was so brave. "They were brave wolves who fought a battle. They may have lost their lives but they won in the end when those rogues died to never harm another wolf. They sacrificed themselves for us. And it is okay to grieve but we now be strong because the rogues will take advantage of our weakness so we do not mourn their death but celebrste their victory and new life and bring two packs together to become stronger".

The crowd were astounded at how smart she really was and how much the wolf in her came out that day. I knew somewhere if anyone tried to harm her she would out smart them. She showed good instincts in cub training and always won. She was quick, smart and had high stamina. I knew she would survive and I had hope I would find her.

I gently snuck out of bed and grabbed a white shirt and dark wash loose jeans beside me. I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself, I was a well built in muscles and honey tinted skin and blue eyes with dark hair but I never really cared about looks I wasn't cocky or showed them off only my mate orla had to suffer me being cocky at times. We had a baby boy eight months after Danica left and we named him Austin. I smiled for he had chestnut hair like Orla's but my eyes and tan skin like Orla. I went out of our room to the nursery to see Austin was still asleep. He is for months old now and already progressing. Oh how Austin brought joy into my eyes. I kissed his fore head as he smiled in his sleep. Oh how happy he is.

I wish I could have made my mate smile like that or Danica. I go out and shift into my wolf while my mates cries are replayed in my mind. I run as far as I can and run harder and faster. I end up at the edge of our territory miles away in only minutes. I let out a howl of sorow and pain. The forest around me shakes as birds fly away Its dark now and I hear howls returned to me from my pack memebrs and the howls in the night sound like a beautiful song. I look up to the moon and my heart aches as I pray to the moon gods and fates as hard as I can for little Danica.

I turn around and run back home ringing some other Alpha's to keep an eye out for the Rogues and Danica.

Oh Danica where are you now?

Danica's P.O.V. 

I hae travelled a year with the rogues and I have seen what they are planning. Getting Alpha Drake's  title by using me. It was sick.

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