Something's Never Change

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  • Dedicated to All of you :)

Before you read: I want you to close your eyes and remember all the video diaries. All of the crazy times, the laughs, Kevin, carrots, Jimmy, Vas Happenin', everything. I want you to keep them in your mind. 


  "Hi, we are One Direction and this is our video diary week number 2550." said the five old men on the stairs. During the video, one kept thanking all the fans for all they had done. The blonde one stuffed food in his mouth and laughed hysterically at everything. There was a loud one who kept screaming around and falling on the other men. One kept shaking his curly locks out of his face as he smiled cheekily, his green eyes twinkling.The last one sat there, barely saying anything but staring at the camera with a expression that clearly said 'I know you're enjoying my face.' After all this time, you could say it was all the same. Some things never change.

After you read: Tell me how you liked it.

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