THANATOS: Canada, 2012

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A broken soul, in broken vessel, lies-

Atop uneven alley's rocks.

Breathing is so shallow, and, mercifully, frostbite--

Has removed his awful pain, while--

Darkness hides rot from sight.

At the hour, now, a rattle. At the door, Death knocks.

Unseen, Thanatos enters, stepping o'er rocks.

Instead of hood and sickle, or stinging, sulphur-stink,

A hand, a coat, a touch...rescues from deaths' brink!

Oh,  Canada!  A native son, and surely a saint!

Has risen amongst ranks--removing deadly planks!

He, who seeks no glory, sends a message true:

"Do unto each of those--you wish them do, to you!"


Salute:  Yes

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