Chapter Thirty-Three:

I moved my sight quickly from Matt to Marc then back to Matt again not breathing for a second. My heart wanted to do a little dance at the sight of Matt but my whole body froze from shock. I was about to get raped just five seconds ago and here I am still untouched and alive.

Matthew was panting like a mad tiger that just got out from a battle. His hair was messy and fell freely on his face. His cheek bones had a little pink shade over them and his whole chest was rising up and going down again in a very fast rhythm.

“Chloe! I said run!” He shouted at me turning my attention back to his face.

“And leave you here with him?!” I screamed at the thought of anything bad happening to him.

Marc got up suddenly and hit Matthew hard on his left jaw. Matthew fell back slightly but punched him back in the ribs with a much stronger force.

“If I ever mattered to you Chloe, do this for me!” He shouted one last time at me before sending Marc crashing against the wall.

I ran out of the toilet tears blurring my vision, I headed straight out of the school to find Jenna’s car parked in the entrance. She got out and threw a fake passport and a wig at me.

“Wear this Chloe, you are going with me to the airport.”


“Jenna what about my mom!” I asked impatiently for the tenth time since we rode. She was driving with a 180 meter per second speed heading towards the airport. Staring forward her eyes fixed on the road, she said in a serious voice:

“Chloe, Believe me I have no idea of what’s going on but when I saw you there with Marc I knew he must be up to something so I called Matt and I was right obviously.”

“Why are we going to the airport?” I asked running my hand through my new hair.

“Matthew’s orders to keep you safe.”

“And since when do you actually listen to him?” I asked teasingly. She didn’t seem to get the joke and spoke in the same serious voice:

“I have never seen my brother this angry before.”

She stopped abruptly at the main entrance of the airport.

“Get out and keep safe Chloe, your flight will be in ten minutes.”

I gulped loudly as I headed out of her car suddenly feeling very heavy. I walked slowly closing the door behind me. The window rolled for a second as I heard Jenna call my name.

“Chloe, please don’t do anything stupid. Everything will be ready, you will stay away from the danger.”

I nodded at her and watched her fade away. I had never felt so alone in my whole life.


“Let me guide you towards your seat Miss. Palmer.” The flight hostess lead me towards my seat in first class. I was being treated like a princess. I thought to myself that if I ever made it out of this mess I would never ever ride in the economy class ever again.

I stared at my fake passport and laughed under my breath. Deveraux Palmer? Was that even a name? And who’s idea was it to name me this weird name, but the shocking part was that I actually liked it! I could swear there was some Matthew’s hand in this.

“What would you like to drink Ma’am?” The air hostess bent in towards me as I ordered coffee. I needed the maximum caffeine I could get today.

“Enjoying the service I see.”

I froze at the sound of Matthew’s voice. I got up immediately and threw myself in his arms unconsciously, not caring a bit about all those people now staring at us. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world to be hugged tightly by the person you loved very much. It almost felt like home.

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