Chapter 6

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-Chapter 6-

-Harry P.O.V-

"Harry come look at this" Louis called me over to the sofa. All the lads were gathered round Louis' laptop, which was open on a page, full of pictures of a the same girl. Mia. I looked at the search bar, all Louis had to put in was 'Missing girl Mia'. That's all he needed. There were articles after articles all about her magically going missing. Louis opened up an article, it said about her been missing for a few weeks and then about how they thought she'd run away. 

"Jez guys, what are we going to do if Mia magically pops up it'll be front page news, I never thought it was this public" Liam turned all daddy direction.

"Well shes staying we need to help her" Louis protested.

"Look" Niall pointed to the screen.

 He was pointing at a picture. It was her, Mia. She looked young at least 14, her blonde hair was short, and her green eyes have never been so captivating. She was standing next to a taller women, almost like an older version of her, I'm guessing by the similarities that she is her mom. Or was for this case.

Underneath the picture had the words 'Mia and her mother, looking happy as ever only shortly before her mothers death, the main thought reason of her disappearance'. Now that shocked me, her mother was dead. Surely though she could of got through it with the help of her family, not by running away.

"What are we going to do guys, we can't handle this" Niall speaks up, as we've all gone silent.

"Nothing, we said we'd help her and we knew there must of been a reason like that for her to run away..." I paused thinking hard " She'll tell us when the time is right, she didn't want us to know she was running for that long, so this is probably the last thing she wants us to know" I knew for a fact she wouldn't want any of us knowing this, because if she found out she'd definitely leave, and after finding out this, I'm more sure than ever that I'm going to mend her broken heart.

"But Harry we can't, look" Liam points to the rest of the article "Shes got a whole family looking for her, friends too, we can't just lock her away in here, we have to tell someone" Liam spoke quietly looking worried.

"No, we have to help her, she ran away for a reason, and I'm sure it wasn't just because of her mom, why else would she keep running for that long, surely there's more to this that we think. Come on just give her a chance" I practical pleaded. The boys all looked at me thinking about it, before one by one slowly nodding, apart from Liam.

"Come Li, please for me" I gave him puppy dog eyes, which resulted in him laughing at me and nodding.

-Mia P.O.V-

I made my way out of the bathroom, and followed the sound of whispers hoping to find the boys. They were all huddled around a laptop, nodding there heads, whats that about. I cleared my throat, catching there attention. All eyes were on me.

"Whattch up to" I questioned timidly. They all seemed to smile with relief, for reasons I have no idea of. 

"Nothing" Harry smiled widely at me as I let out a little yawn. He chuckled. "Fancy coming out for a bit"

"But what about paparazzi" I questioned, fear obviously written on my face.

"Don't worry about them we'll hind you, and go somewhere quiet, where we wont be recognised" He replied.

"But I haven't got anything to wear" I said looking down at my appearance, and sighing.

"Don't worry about that, we've already got someone on the case" I pulled a questioning look at Harry's statement and looked around at the rest of the boys only to realise that Zayn and Niall were no where to be seen. "But for now, come with me" 

Harry walked forward grabbing my hand in his as he did so, giving me a weird feeling which I oddly liked. We walked into the same room from this morning, where Harry sat me down and opened random cupboards. 

"What are you doing" I asked looking up at him. 

"Looking for clothes for you, dum ass" Harry said, joking around. I giggled a little.

"So then Mr...Mr...erm" I stopped, realising I didn't know his last name.

"Styles" He smiled to me. Styles, Harry Styles, has a bit of a ring to it if you ask me.

"Right, Mr Styles" I smiled back " So then Mr Styles whats your magic talent"

"Well I'm a pretty good at juggling, I can show you" He laughed.

"No silly, I mean like, what are you famous for"

"Ohhh that" He turned a hint of red, from embarrassment but carried on. " Well did you ever watch this show called The X-Factor"

"Yeah, all the time, I loved it" I beamed at him. "Wait don't tell me, you were on the X-Factor" I stopped looking at him with wide eyes " wohhhh, you must be like really famous then"

"Well I suppose, but we were like solo artists at first, and then got put together at boot-camp"

"Ohh I see, yeah I remember them doing that before, one of the years" Harry then took a seat, by me , with a top and some joggers in his hand.

"Yeah, well we came third, which was okay I guess" He half smiled at me.

"That's great, but remember normally the person that comes first almost always does rubbish coming out of the X-Factor" I replied trying to light the mood, but it was true they always suck when they finish The X-Factor. He laughed, looking at me as we made eye contact. 

Thanks for reading, sorry it took so long, and it's pretty short.


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