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"What if soon isn't soon enough, Niall?" I asked as we made our way to the hospital. "What if we're too late? What if something happened to them? Oh, God, what if something happened to th-"

"Natalie!" He shouted at me, getting me to shut up. "Nat, do you hear yourself? Everything you said are 'what if's'. How about this: what is they're perfectly fine? What if there is nothing wrong with either of them? What if you're just overreacti-"

"Do not tell me I am overreacting," I shot back at him. "because I'm not. I've dealt with too many people dying in my life, I don't need any more."

"Is that why you're so intense about this?" He asked. "Because your parents died, and you dont want your best friend to either?"

I just stared at him, flabbergasted. My mouth was in my lap and I just sat there. "Wha-.  N-. Uh-." I could even finish my sentences.

"I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean it that way." He responded, apologetic. "But, I mean, I promise. They're going to be fine. Believe me."

"Okay, whatever you say."

"You know, you never told me how your parents died. What happened? I mean, if you don't want to talk about it, i understand."

"No, its fine...." I said, drifting off.

"Well, it was 5 years ago, when I was 13. My parents went out to dinner, and I was sleeping over Cassadee's house. We were sitting around, watching movies, talking.. the usual at a sleepover. It was like 10 PM or something, and Cassadee's mom came running down the stairs. And I mean full on running. She was screaming my name, like 'NATALIE! WHERE ARE YOU? NATALIE?!' I was so confused when she walked in the room, holding the phone. She looked me in the eyes, and I could see the hurt; the pain. I'm pretty sure that I knew what she was going to say. But, she did say it. She went, "Natalie, your parents. They were in a car accident. They're in the hospital now. They're not sure if they'll make I-" I couldn't finish what I was saying, because I just started bawling. I couldn't help it.

"Babe, its fine," Niall said, grabbing my hand and holding it firmly. "I understand now. It's okay,"

"Then," I continued, ignoring his request to stop. "We all went to the hospital. By the time we got there, they were barely holding on; but they were. It was like they were waiting for me to get there, just so they could hear me and see me, or so I could see and hear them too. And thats exactly what happened. I walked into the room where they were and they looked right at me. And without hesitation, I looked them both in the eyes, and went "I love you". Neither of them could talk, but they mouthed 'I love you, too'. And I knew it was the end, then. I spent all night with them. It was, like, 5 or 6 in the morning, and...and..." I drifted off holding back sobs.

Niall sqeezed my hand tight as we pulled into the hospital. It was the same hospital that my parents died in. Luckily I hadn't been there since then. We got out, went inside, and went over to the reception desk. Niall asked what room Zayn and Cassadee were in. 

"Well, Mr. Malik is in room 44." The receptionist replied, "But there is no one here at this time by the name of Cassadee Scott."

Niall and I exchanged confused glances, then looked back at the receptionist. 

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