Chapter Sixteen

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Shattered Howls

Chapter Sixteen

Meet the Parents

It took a total of thirty minutes for me to get ready to leave, which is record-breaking time in my case. Jamie complained the whole time about how no one gives a damn if I was wearing make-up or not and if they did they should be talking to him.

I smiled at my protective brother, knowing that he didn’t think to consider that I had a boy in my room this morning.

Dear Lord. I had a boy in my room this morning.

The drive to the Anthony property took twenty minutes, which is rather long considering that everything in this town is closely compact. It sure seemed out of the way.

During the non-eventful drive I was able to let my mind drift off. Although Derrick was the one who occupied all my thoughts these days, and this worried me. I have never been close with a guy before, boyfriend wise that is. None of my relationships were ever too serious. One was a senior from my old school who played in some band. In the end he just dated me in order to persuade me to sing in the band for them. I politely turned him down and that was the end of that relationship. My second boyfriend was a star baseball player who played for our school’s rival team. He was really sweet but we just didn’t have much in common. But those two boys could never compare to Derrick.

It’s strange, after meeting him no other male figures appeal to me at all. If a cute guy happens to walk by I find myself comparing him to all of Derrick’s traits and Derrick wins every time.

Finally Jamie and I arrived to the gates of the Anthony property. I was stunned to say the least. Their house was enormous. Plus it wasn’t just the house, I mean mansion that was huge, the whole property went on for miles. Bright green trees scattered throughout the land and became thicker behind it, creating a forest.

“Whoa,” I said out loud.

“I know,” Jamie replied back.

A security guard asked for our names, checked a list, and opened the gates for us. Jamie continued driving down a dirt road that led up to the house. A couple other cars were parked along it so we picked a spot then got out.

“Its kind of intimidating don’t you think?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, just a little.”

We walked up to the front door and Jamie knocked a couple times. A big burly man answered who looked around Jamie’s age and smiled down at us.

“Hey Jamie,” he smiled. “Quite a pretty girl you brought today.”

I blushed and waited to be introduced.

“Hey Mason,” Jamie shortly replied.

“This is my sister, Alana.” He glared.

“Oh…. Family. Gotcha.” Mason answered.

Well this was… awkward.

“Come on in,” Mason gestured.

Entering the house, I felt calm, relaxed even. It had such a positive and friendly vibe to it. Pictures of people I didn’t know were hung everywhere within the house. Most had Derrick and his brothers in them but still a vast majority of them looked different from the family. I saw Mason in a few of them.

I found one of Mason and Derrick together looking happy and goofy. I picked it up and smiled.  

“I remember that picture,” Mason said from behind me. His figure was leaning against a wall with his arms crossed.

“That’s my little ole cousin, Derrick. But I’m sure you already know that.” He smirked.

Um… what did he mean by that? His eyes looked mysterious. He seemed like he knew something. Possibly being the “me and Derrick” something. But know one knew of our relationship yet. Unless, he told someone. That someone being Mason or maybe even his other brothers. I gulped, I didn’t want Jamie knowing about us yet. He can be way to over protective.

“Come on everyone is upstairs in the media room.” Mason motioned us to follow him up the grand staircase. I obliged but not without giving him a questioning glance first. I wanted to know what he knew.

Rants and cheers became louder as we walked into a massive room. Chairs and couches were set all over and a gigantic TV was placed on a wall towards the back.  I could make out Peter, Cameron, Noah. Then there were about six other guys who seemed familiar, most likely from my same school. Three girls were also in the room. One of them sat on a guys lap, flirting happily why the other two were had their own guys’ arms wrapped around them. They all looked so happy, it made me smile. Jamie guided me in and Peter and Noah greeted us. They both looked excited to see me, which didn’t make much sense.

“Alana,” Peter hugged me and next so did Noah.

Jamie and them patted each other’s backs. Guys are weird.

“Tell me our team is winning,” Jamie asked.

“You bet!” Noah cheered.

Seconds later everyone erupted into loud fits as the opposing team’s goal went into the net. It was then half time and everyone took a break from having his or her eyes glued to the screen. Peter introduced me to everyone and they all gave me a go happy look. Their faces screamed we know! But know what? It seemed quite odd.

Derrick was still nowhere to be seen and I grew anxious. I wanted to see him.

“So where’s Derrick?” I asked Peter.

“Getting out of the shower, he should be here soon don’t worry.” Peter smirked.

What was with all the smirking?

“Speak of the devil, there he is.”

I turned to find Derrick smiling from the entrance of the room. He made his way over to me and plopped down on the couch.

As soon as he sat next to me everyone turned and glared. It wasn’t a mean look just embarrassing. Like the look parents give their children when they know what they have been up to. I blushed and shied away.

Derrick gave them all an annoyed look and turned to me.

“Want a tour of the house?” He asked.

At this point I would do anything to get out of these people’s stares and I really did want to see the house. I eagerly replied with a simple yes and we were off.

Once out of the room Derrick grasped my hand and pulled me closer to him.  He gave me a quick peck, which turned into a longer lasting kiss. I was so entranced with him, I didn’t hear the sound of someone calling Derrick’s name.

Reluctantly, he broke the kiss and turned towards the noise. We walked towards the edge of the staircase and saw an older man, around his mid forties.

“Why hello there.” He grinned towards me.

I looked at Derrick giving him a curious look.

“Why don’t you bring the girl down to meet us son.” He demanded. Then turned and walked down a hallway.

Son? That means he was Derrick’s father.

“I might have forgotten to tell you…” Derrick started.

“Tell me what?”

“Well I’ve sort of told everyone in my family about us and my parents want to meet you. Today.”

“What!? Derrick, I haven’t even told my family about us yet. And I’m not even sure what we are.” I was becoming stressed out. I never thought about meeting his parents but now thinking about it I became nervous. My palms started to sweat.

“I know I’m sorry,” he frowned.

“And as for us, you are my girlfriend. Well that is if you want to be… Do you want to be?” 

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