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Liams POV

The boys and I were still on a high from getting through last night at the live shows and for us to be cooped up in a room back at the studio’s at 9am on our day off was definitely not on our itineraries for today. Alex had messaged us last night and asked to come here to meet our new PA’s. You see, the last two Pa’s we had for the past week had decided to quit because we were apparently to ‘boisterous’ and ‘annoying’ for their liking. In all honesty I blame Harry and Louis, but I am looking forward to meeting our new PA’s, I’ve hear they were girls too which I’ll probably be able to connect with them a lot easier, unlike 40+ year old men...

The door handle began to be turned as I snapped out of my daydream. This must be Alex.

“Lads, here now!” I ordered, they all seemed to follow and stood beside me in front of the couch next to the door.

The door flew open and there stood Alex with two other girls. The first girl to follow Alex was a brunette; her flower dress stood out to me, casual yet sophisticated. The second girl to follow in had bright red curly hair, stunning! I could tell me and the lads were going to get on with these girls just fine.

“Boys, this is Caitlin and Jodie and they’ll be looking after you guys and the other contestants during your time on The X Factor!”Alex said with a smile.

I ventured forward and introduced myself.

“Hi girls, I’m Liam, and this is Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis.” I said as I pointed to each of them. “Welcome aboard the crazy train!” They smiled back.

“Hi boys, I’m Caitlin and this is Jodie.” Catlin spoke, “We’re looking forward to working with you all.” She said with a smile.

“And the same to you Caitlin, let’s hug it out shall we? Get the awkwardness out of the way.” That was possibly the most awkwardest thing I could have ever said. Bad Liam, silly Liam!

“YEAH WOO HUGS!” Louis screamed as he bundled us all together.

I somehow ended up next to Caitlin, and my god she smelt so good! I touched the lower of her back with my hand as we were pulled into a group hug.

“Great, now that’s over who’s hungry?” I asked

“ME!” Everyone chorused, and with that to the food court we went.

Jodies POV.

THIS IS INSANE. I’m currently sat around a table eating lunch with One Direction, well I never thought in a million years this that my life would end up like this! Niall was pratting around and attempting to start a food fight,  yeah not gonna happen...

Liam and Caitlin were in a full blown conversation, awh! And there here I am sat next to Harry and Niall, Niall and Zayn in a conversation and Harry and Louis in a conversation. Brilliant, forever alone. I excused myself from the table and went to clear and get rid of my plate. When I returned to the table, everyone was gone. GREAT! Feeling a bit left out right now, not gonna lie! If I’m meant to be working with them as a team, then as a team they should wait. But no let’s all go and leave Jodie. Today is not going well.

I decided to grab my things and head for the exit before a hand caught me by the wrist, as I turned I realised who it was.

“Harry,” I spoke. “What?”

“Come on, this way. We were called to rehearsal and then I turned around you were gone and so I decided to wait for me.” Harry said, he was spitting his words out at 100 miles an hour. CHILL HAZZA.

“Oh right, thought you’d all forgotten me or were playing a prank or something, my bad! Thanks for waiting for me though!” I smiled. “ Woulda gotten lost otherwise knowing me!” Harry chuckled.

“Bless ya,” His Cheshire accent was mesmerising. “This way! You can watch us practice and whatever else we’re doing.”

“Okay, I think that’s my job anyway.”

Harry opened the door for me into the staging arena, it was HUGE, and I mean huge! I think I’d poop myself if I had to perform on that stage, lucky it’s not me then ey!

I wandered through the crowd of people until I saw Cait, and my God did she have a priceless smile on her face, ooo er.


Caitlins POV.

Me and Liam had been getting along great! Honestly it was we’d known each other for years! We were able to have a conversation where it just flowed perfectly,  wow. I was sat in the audience waiting for the boys rehearsal to start when I remembered something. Where the hell is Jodie?!

As I rummaged through my bag trying to find my phone someone propped down one of the seats next to me and suddenly poked me...rude.

The next thing I heard was my name. Right in my ear.


It was Jodie, oops.

“Hey!” I replied.

“Wanna explain where you’ve been missy? Leaving me in a food court to get lost!” She sounded angry...

“Jode, I didn’t mean to I promise it was just that me and Liam were in a real good conversation together and I didn’t wanna leave them otherwise I would of been lost and you know what I’m like with directions GOD HELP ME and yeah I’m sorry I was just about to ring you to you see!” I held my phone up to her face and before I could say another word Jodie had interrupted me.

“AND BREATHE! How you did that in one breath with the sound of no punctuation in their either is beyond me, well done for that!” Jodie sarcastically clapped. “But no it’s cool, Harry waited for me and brought me here.”

“Ooooh, Harry ey.” I nudged her arm. “What’s going on there cheeky?”

“Haha, nothing! He brought me here cause you left me! It should be more like you and Liam mhm!” Jodie nudged me back.

“Ahh I don’t know, he’s hot but that’s obvious. He’s just lovely to talk to yano, like he doesn’t seem like the type to judge or ever hurt anyone. He listens and always has an answer, and it’s always positive, no negative energy at all.”

“And you’re rambling again!” Jodie said.

“Oops, my bad! But yeah he’s nice.” I replied with a smile at Jodie. Before Jodie could say anything else the lights dimmed and out came the boys.

All of them came out and they began to sing My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson.

They rocked it! Their voices in perfect harmony, Zayns high note. It was incredible!


Liams POV.

As we sung the last line of our song the whole crew burst into applause,  I guess they liked that one then...

I was really proud of us lads and Caitlin and Jodie seem such cool people, it’s good to be working with people our age as they know what we want and stuff like that, it’s pretty rad.

“LIAM!” The lights came back up and I noticed Jodie and Caitlin standing there with their phones taking a photo of me pulling my shocked face, cheeky so and so’s!

“That’s not fair!” I shouted.

“Awh diddums!” Cait replied. Caitlin, she was just beautiful and she will be mine soon. I will not give up on her.

Suddenly my phone buzzed and it was twitter.

@JodieTaylor - Think we scared @Real_Liam_Payne , woops ! [twitpic]

@CaitlinSmith - We gotcha LiLi! [twitpic]

Yep, they got me. I decided to tweet back.

@Real_Liam_Payne - @JodieTaylor @CaitlinSmith  u just wait. #revenge

Game on. 

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