Chapter 3 The Boat

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    When I was younger they didn’t have planes that flew all around the world, so whenever we wanted to see America we’d either swim, or take a boat. We took the boat named La Cuisine, which means, the cook, the chef, the kitchen…etc. La Cuisine was a larger ship I’d say at most 700 passengers and crew, nowadays, we look at cruise ships and Roberto and I think DAMN those things are large compared to La Cuisine. I was in the first class cabin, because we were upgraded by the captain (my uncle) I got the pleasure of dining with the richest of the rich, that it where I met Robert, Robert and I are the same age and everything, we were born on the same day!

     La Cuisine departed from Hamburg, Germany and went south to Belfast, Ireland, afterwards we made our last European stop in Barcelona, Spain and this is where Roberto boarded. Exactly 200 people got on at each stop, and at each stop exactly 100 first class, 50 second, and 50 third/underworlds classmen climb aboard. Then our boat crossed the sea and arrived in Kingston, Jamaica to pick up a few crew members for the next stop which was Washington D.C., after our stop in D.C. we went north towards the city of gold with only 173 passengers and 27 crew members. That last 5 days were very fun, there were now only 17 kids/teenagers aboard, we all knew how to speak English because of school, so that’s how we talked. To be exact there were 3 five year olds, 5 seven years olds, 2 eight year olds 4 kids over the age of 10, I have no clue how old they were….

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