“Do what on purpose?” The blonde says and I squint. Her eye make-up was so overdone, she looked like she decorated a cake with her make-up.

“You pushed me, stupid.” I spat and the blonde’s mouth drops open.

“Come on, let’s go.” Harry whispers in my ear and I brush him off.

“NO! She pushed me because she’s jealous about my confession to date you.” I spat and Harry backs off, raising his hands in defense. Niall and Liam step in and force me out of the studio. I never broke my gaze with that blonde as I was pulled away. She PUSHED me. You don’t just go around and push me. If you push me, shit will go down.

“What the hell was that?!” Zayn yells as his arms fly into the air in frustration. I ignore him as I brush past him and crawl into the van, instantly popping in my headphones. I pick the loudest stuff I have on my iPod, obviously Knife Party, and press play while turning up the music insanely loud. I saw everyones lips move as they crawl into the van, leaving me secretly wondering what they were talking about. Niall hits my leg and I jump. Taking a headphone out I look at him.

“What?” I ask loudly. He chuckles and takes my iPod, turning it down all the way. “Hey! I was listening to some good music!” I complain and he laughs some more.

“More like a bunch of warped sounds actually.” Liam states and I struggle to get my iPod back from Niall.

“Niall! Give it… BACK!” I yell, practically on top of him and attempting to grab it. He wouldn’t budge, instead he just laughed. His laugh was booming over Rhianna’s “We Found Love” in the van while all the other boys just stare at us. Finally, I decide to give up and he raids my iPod and plays games for a bit.

“God. You two are annoying.” Louis whines, focusing on the road ahead of him.

“Look who’s talking.” I spat and win a chuckle from Liam and Niall.

The rest of the ride was quiet, which gave me the time to think. Why did Harry say he would date me anyways? It’s not like I would date him so, why lie? Then again, I lied about dating him. Any fan of One Direction would kill to date him, even those two girls that rudely bumped into me earlier. I’m still mad about that. If you were a fan, you should be at least happy for any of the guys if they had a girlfriend. Actually, fan or no fan, everyone deserves to be happy. Except me of course because I’m forced to live with my stupid cousin. I sigh loudly as we pull into the driveway. Louis pulls the keys out and the engine comes to a stop, everyone gets out while Niall chucks my iPod at my legs, and I’m left alone in the van. I grab my iPod and press one of the two power buttons. It’s dead. Niall killed my iPod. I’m going to kill him!

“Sammy! Get in here!” Niall yells from the door.

“You killed my iPod!” I yell as I get out of the van. “You KILLED my iPod!” I yell again and he darts back into the house. I chase after him, up the porch stairs, whipping the door open but coming to a halt as soon as I laid eyes on the person standing in the living room. Her red hair hung over her shoulders in curls, her hazel eyes shining and a big smile plastered her face.

“SAMMY!” she yells and runs up to me, giving me a big hug. The boys watch my face carefully as she pulls away, the smile not leaving her face.

“Amy?” I peep and her smile fades at my reaction. “What the hell? How’d you get here?” I say as I take off my shoes and walk past her, towards the kitchen. I place my purse on the island and walk back, standing next to a very confused Niall.

“My aunt works at an airport. I hated life back home so I decided to come live here! Isn’t that great?!” She chirps, jumping around with a big smile on her face again.

“Uh… yeah. Having one girl living here is enough. I don’t think it’s going to work.” Zayn says and reaches out to her back to guide her out the door. I slap his arm away roughly and glare at him.

“Don’t touch her.” I snap and guide her up to my room. I think she remembered him because of her terrified look on her face.

“That’s him…” she whispers and I nod, walking up the stairs a bit faster. I open the door and rush her in, closing the door and walking over to plug in my iPod. “Wow! This room is huge!” She says in awe. I laugh softly and make her sit on my bed.

“I don’t think you should have come here Amy. Really, living with your childhood bully is not a great idea. I warn and she just laughs awkwardly. “It’s not funny. It’s not good for you.” I repeat and she instantly turns serious.

“It’s not like I’m going to actually talk to him.” She argues, “Besides, I missed you! That hot skater guy stood me up. What an idiot.” She spats and opens up my door. I couldn’t stop her. Before I knew it, she walks downstairs and starts introducing herself to the boys. I sprint downstairs and stop behind Amy.

“Hi! I’m Amy, and you are?” she asks and I give the boys a look. Louis grins evily and walks up to Amy, grabbing her hand and giving it a peck. She blushes.

“I am-“

“No one. Why don’t you guys go play video games while we go skateboarding. Ooh! I have to introduce you to Jude!” I say excitingly. Amy laughs and agrees while grabbing her Skrillex skateboard.

“Hey!” Niall and Liam pout as I’m about to slip on my shoes.

“Fine.” I sigh, “Amy, this is Niall and Liam.” Amy shakes their hands and blushes.

“I like your voices.” She blurts and instantly blushes harder. Niall blushes as well which got me thinking, they’d be so cute together! I should set them up. She slips on her flats and bursts out the door, throwing her board on the ground and skating off.

“Amy! Wait up!” I yell and lean towards Niall. “She’s single…” I whisper and burst out the door after her, leaving Niall blushing like a tomato.

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